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Beaver Repellent – What To Use & Do

beaver repellent

Beavers cause two main problems for homeowners: tree damage and flooding. This can lead to extensive damage that can be cost-prohibitive to remedy. While some may opt to use poison or shooting (where legal and permitted) to get rid of beavers, there are other humane methods. The hope is that with beaver repellents, beavers find … Read more

Beaver Poison (What To Know + 5 Alternatives)

beaver poison

Beavers can be a nuisance for homeowners that live near bodies of freshwater. A single beaver can cut down a medium-sized tree (or more) in a single night. Their dams change water flow patterns, creating flooding or drainage issues. Beaver poison is typically not an effective or permitted option for getting rid of beavers. This … Read more

Armadillo Trap (5 Tips for Live Trapping)

armadillo trap

Live trapping is the best way to get an armadillo off of your property, especially when they are burrowed in hard-to-reach places. You should buy a trap that is large and sturdy enough to lure in an armadillo. The trap is placed near areas of armadillo activity with attractive bait. Once an armadillo is caught, … Read more

Armadillo Poop

armadillo poop

Armadillos create problems for homeowners’ yards, landscaping, gardens, and foundations. They dig holes to eat subterranean insects and make extensive burrows. Furthermore, they leave behind very smelly poop near these sites. While uncommon, their inch-long droppings can carry rabies and the bacteria that causes leprosy. Read on to learn more about armadillo poop and what … Read more

Armadillo Holes in Yard and How to Get Rid of Them

armadillo holes

Armadillo holes in the yard can become quite a problem. They create trip hazards and collect pooled water. Burrows create a sunken, uneven surface that can also damage foundations, piping, and underground utility lines. Armadillo digging damages root systems of vegetation, killing plants and decimating garden beds. To get rid of armadillos, the pest must … Read more

How to Use Vinegar to Get Rid of Armadillos

Armadillos are non-aggressive pests that can cause issues with foundations, gardens, and landscaping. They use their powerful sense of smell at night to find insects deep in the ground, digging to find the tasty treat. If insects are plenty, armadillos will dig burrows and settle in to live, breed, and feast. Thankfully, you can use … Read more

Silverfish vs. Firebrat – 6 Characteristics

silverfish vs. firebrat

Silverfish vs. Firebrat. Although they are not known to cause health hazards, firebrats and silverfish are bothersome since they tend to contaminate food, create blemishes, and harm wallpaper and other household items. It can be difficult to tell firebrats and silverfish apart despite their different species. One way to differentiate them is by their color: … Read more

Silverfish Poison – 3 Effective Examples

silverfish poison

Are you seeing yellow stains on your clothes or finding small black pellets around your home? Have you discovered creepy little insects crawling inside your cereal box or chewed cardboard? You may have a silverfish infestation. Fortunately, several types of silverfish poison can be used to eliminate these pests. These include boric acid, Diatomaceous Earth, … Read more

Silverfish Repellent

Are you troubled by the presence of silverfish in your home and looking for ways to repel them? These small, silver, wingless insects can be found in dark and damp areas like attics, basements, and closets. They can cause damage to fabrics made of silk, cotton, and other materials, as well as paper, such as … Read more

Silverfish in Bathroom

silverfish in bathroom

You may spot creepy little bugs known as silverfish invading your bathroom. These insects, resembling walking fossils, have a voracious appetite for sweet and starchy foods. They can even feast on the fibers of your carpets and magazines. While they may not pose any immediate danger to humans, silverfish can cause damage to your belongings … Read more