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Best Bat Poison

best bat poison

Do you know that bats are actually very beneficial? Having them around is great in many cases, as they eat a huge number of insects like mosquitoes and others that bother you day after day. However, everything is not as great as it seems to be, is it?

When they start nesting in the attic, bats extermination becomes the very first thing that comes to your mind. In order to help you out, we’ve made a guide on fast and safe elimination. Read carefully to learn what ways should be addressed and which of them should better be escaped.

How to Kill Bats in 3 Steps

Specialists state there are three common steps to be taken:

STEP 1. Inspection

The task is to find out how these nasty creatures are getting in and out of the attic. Make sure you know where their nests are and what damage they have already caused or may cause. As a rule, they fly out at dust but fly back at dawn. Of course, they never do it all at once. In fact, there may be several trips per night.
What are the signs that can give you hints? These are droppings, of course. There are thousands of them all over the attic.

STEP 2. Pre-Sealing

Bats pre=sealingThe very first bat problem is that they have many entry gaps and holes that lead to your place. Finding all of them is the key to successful extermination. Keep in mind that such gaps and holes are tiny (nearly a half-inch), so no wonder you can miss them. To remove the creatures, funnel them out.

Never seal a primary entry hole before exclusion. In this case, all your trying are going to be useless.

STEP 3. Exclusion

Bat exclusion by trapWhat does it involve? It means putting a special device on the entry points you have found. When a bat enters this device the valve closes and it cannot get back.

The positive side is the fact the creature is not harmed when it exits the device. Today many devices use pipes that are fitted with a one-way valve. These pipes are generally smooth so that it’s impossible for a bat to hang up while making its way down the pipe. The one-way valve closes as soon as the creature exits, so there is no chance of crawling back up the pipe and then into the roost.

If you are wondering how to exterminate bats, you must know that netting can be quite effectively used for exclusion. It allows many bats to exit at one time. A special flap that is fitted at the net’s bottom prevents them from getting back in. However, there are also other devices that are in the shape of a cone/funnel and are mostly made of plastic. They allow leaving, but not re-enter.

FYI, the devices of this kind should be used for several days in order to ensure that all the creatures have left. If you are sure there is none of them, remove the device. Always seal entry points as bats will try to return.

How to Poison Bats: Is It Totally Safe

Frankly speaking, poison is more likely to cause problems than solve them. Besides, chemicals and carcasses are always very harmful to household members and pets. Keep in mind that in many cases bats are beneficial as they help to control pests, so their elimination from your place should be legal and safe.

A professional can solve the bat problem with guarantee, within days.

Exterminating bats with poison cannot solve the problem of infestation no matter how many attempts are done. Most creatures die, and some manage to escape, but the holes are still there and those that stay alive usually come back.

So, before you choose poisoning as the way out, consider this:

  • Bats aren’t insects. There are no manufactured or registered poisons that are designed for their elimination.
  • Insecticides don’t kill all. Not all creatures will die; most will crawl down the walls looking for ways to enter your house.

  • Dead ones will rot, causing an unbearable odor, as well as biohazard inside the house.

Do you know that each bat lives more than 10 days, and if you kill the colony, you’ll wipe out years of life? This is why bat exclusion should be done in a proper way. At times it is even cheaper and more effective. It is always more humane.

Is Bat Extermination Allowed

Bats protected by lawIt is essential to be informed of the fact that no one is allowed to kill bats and their colonies.

They are protected by various laws and environmental regulations. The only allowed way to remove them is with the help of a special system that allows them to exit the house but not return.

The idea of killing with fumigants and poison is a bad one. It is safer to let professionals handle the task. They have all the required equipment to accomplish the task in a successful and safe manner.

Don’t consider the idea of poisons and fumigants the most efficient one. Remember that bats do more good than harm. Yes, at times they are annoying and nasty, but there is still always a chance to find more humane ways of extermination.

What Do Bat Exterminators Do

Addressing exterminators is the optimal way of bat eradication. Their services are affordable and safe.

There are many tasks they accomplish:

  • Inspection. They inspect the interior and exterior of the building noting the entry points. The service can also be done on a regular basis, year-round.
  • Counting. They survey the whole building, not the entrances as well as count the numbers of creatures involved.

  • Giving estimation. They give estimation for the exclusionary, explaining materials, timing and procedures. If there are any other possible solutions, they should be weighed and discussed. To the extra solutions belong total soffit/roof replacement or increased ventilation.
  • Report. On your request they provide a written report with sketches as well as photographs.

Bat eviction products are radios, strobe lights, mothballs or spot lights.

Optimal ways of bats extemination by professionalsMany people believe that there are certain products and homemade solutions that can be effective in the process of elimination. Exterminators do not use them. Bat extermination is a very complicated process, so entrusting your security to these products is a false way.

Of course, one can try to keep to one of the ways we’ve suggested or address professionals. It doesn’t matter what alternative one chooses, he is just to make sure it is absolutely safe not only for him and his household members but also for bats.