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Best Mole Poison

best mole poison

When it comes to the best mole poison, there are a lot of products on the market. So how do you know which one is the best for your needs? To help you decide, I’ve created a comparison table of the three most popular mole poison products on the market.

Top 3 Best Mole Poison Products in 2024 Comparison Table

People's Choice
Ortho Home Defense Max Indoor Insect Barrier review

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Ortho Home Defense Max Indoor Insect Barrier
  • Type: Ready-to-Use Spray
  • Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 0.05%
  • For Use: Indoor Only
Our #1 Rated
Cy-Kick CS Insecticide review

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Cy-Kick CS Insecticide
  • Type: Concentrate
  • Active Ingredient: Cyfluthrin 6%
  • For Use: Indoor and Outdoor
Best Budget
Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns review

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Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns
  • Type: Granules
  • Active Ingredient: Gamma-Cyhalothrin 0.05%
  • For Use: on Lawns

Moles are a common problem for homeowners. They can cause damage to your lawn, garden, and flower beds.

The best way to get rid of moles is with mole poison products. But there are so many different brands that it’s hard to know which one will work the best for you.

3 Best Mole Poison Products Reviewed

I’ve done all the research for you! Here are 3 of my favorite mole poison products on the market today. All three have great reviews from customers who say they successfully got rid of their pesky moles in just a few days.


1. Talpirid Mole Bait Worms – The Best Poison to Kill Moles (Editor’s Choice)

Talpirid Mole Bait Worms are a great way to kill moles! They’re easy to use, and they work as soon as you put them down. You can also buy these worms in bulk, so this is the product if you have any mole problems! Talpirid Mole Bait Worms are the perfect solution for people who need an eco-friendly method of killing moles on their property. And because they come pre-packaged with 2 trays containing 10 worms each, it’s straightforward to do your own pest control without any hassle.

How Does It Work

  • The active ingredient is Bromethalin which kills by causing damage to the central nervous system of the mole.

  • This method is eco-friendly and doesn’t release any harmful chemicals into the environment.

How to Use

  1. Make sure you read the instructions on the package before using Talpirid.
  2. Locate the active tunnel entrances, make a hole at the top of the runway, and put the worms down at each entrance. Repeat every 5 to 10 feet. You can use a finger, a small wooden dowel, or a narrow rod to puncture a hole in the top of subsurface runways.
  3. Water the area around the bait to encourage the mole to come out of its hole.
  4. Moles should start to die within a few days.
  5. If there are any remaining moles, wait a few weeks and then re-apply the poison.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can buy in bulk.
  • No bad side effects.
  • The eco-friendly method of killing moles on your property.
  • You have to be careful not to contaminate groundwater when using them.
  • They can be harmful to pets if ingested.
  • The moles may die a slow and painful death.

2. Tomcat Mole Killer Grubs – Best Mole Poison Worms (People’s Choice)

Tomcat Mole Killer is the perfect way to get rid of pesky moles in your yard. It’s an easy, fast, and cost-effective way to get rid of those pests for good!

Tomcat Mole Killer features a powerful bromethalin ingredient that kills moles quickly and humanely. The bait is made from 8 grubs, so it’s highly appetizing to the mole, which will soon be dead after eating it. The active ingredient in this product is 0.025% bromethalin, so you know it will do what you need it to!

How Does It Work

Tomcat contains the chemical bromethalin, which kills moles. Bromethalin works by causing muscle paralysis and respiratory failure. The mole will eat the Tomcat grub and then die quickly.

  • To use Tomcat Mole Killer, follow the instructions on the package.

  • The bait will take a few days to work, so be patient.

One thing to remember when using Tomcat Mole Killer is that it is poisonous to dogs and cats, so keep them away from the area where you have applied the poison.
Tomcat has not been reported to poison pets and soil, but this is only because it is placed in the in-depth of soil where it can hardly be reached. For that reason, if you have a dog that likes to dig the lawn, keep it away from the treated area.
If you have pets, it is best to use another method of mole control.

How to Use

  • Identify surface runways and dig a hole in the top of the hill being careful not to collapse the pile.

  • Wait for about 72 hours to see if the moles made the effort of covering the hole. If they do, it means the runways are active and Tomcat needs to be injected immediately.

  • Kills moles quickly and humanely.
  • It’s highly appetizing to the mole.
  • They’re toxic to other animals.
  • It takes a few days to work.

3. Motomco Mole Killer

Motomco Mole Killer is an easy-to-use, effective solution that gets the job done fast. Just apply 12 worms directly to the mole tunnels for a quick and humane kill. The active ingredient, bromethalin, works quickly to disable the mole in as little as 24 hours, so you can rest easy knowing your yard is mole-free.

  • Easy to use.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Quick results.
  • It may have some quality control issues that need to be addressed.

What is the Best Mole Poison in 2024? – Your Expert Buyer’s Guide

There is no mistaking when a garden or lawn has been invaded by moles. Although you are unlikely to see one above the ground, the hills they leave are way too large and can leave your landscape in a noticeable mess.

They tunnel underground and separate roots from the soil, causing the grass to dry as well as other vegetation. If this sounds familiar, then you must be researching and looking for yard removal techniques to save you the trouble of dealing with a messed-up ground.

In this write-up, learn quick and reliable methods and tricks for eliminating the moles from your home for good.

Mole Eradication: How Should You Kill Them?

Before getting down into mole elimination, understand that these can be fickle creatures that tend to frequently abandon their tunnels. This means you need to have a little bit of patience as identifying the tunnel they are in can be a challenge.

The first step to eradicating moles is detecting the most active tunnel. Look for a straight runway and stomp in with an object or your foot. If there are moles in the mound, they should repair the tunnel within a day.

Among the multiple ways, there are of ridding your lawn of moles, one sure way of eradicating them is by using a mole-specific trap.

How to Get Rid of Ground Moles

Mounds of dirt and tunneling are a sure indication of ground moles. When trying to get rid of them, the consensus among many gardeners is that trapping works best. This is because they are too inaccessible and less drastic measures are likely to fail.

However, before choosing your trap, it is important to consider:

  • If the trap is efficient enough to catch moles.
  • Can you afford your choice of trap especially if you need several of them?
  • Will the trap be used on another occasion?

  • If the trap is safe to use. Many traps on the market today pose danger with their sharp spears, and some also are designed as strong chokers. When some of these traps are raised above the ground, they could potentially harm pets and children.

On the market, you are likely to come across three major types of traps including:

Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap

This is one of the most powerful and largely available traps. However, it can be tricky to set.

Victor DeadSet Spear-Shaped Mole Trap

Victor DeadSet trap has spears and may not be the best choice for a home with pets and children. It is very common and can be found in almost every hardware.

If you have tried using any of these traps unsuccessfully, the chances are that you have probably placed it in the wrong position. Ensure you place the trap in the traveling tunnel. Also, it may be that you have only made the effort of setting just one trap while you should place a trap in each mound on your lawn.

Among many homeowners, there is the notion that getting rid of grubs can quickly keep off moles. Unfortunately, this does not work since the number one source of food for moles is earthworms.

  • Walk around your compound and look for tunnels. Once you find them, collapse them by stepping on them.
  • The following day, check to see if the tunnels have been rebuilt. If they have, that’s to mean the tunnels are active and this is where the traps should be placed.

  • Using mole traps is easier during spring and fall when activity in the tunnels is at its peak. Be sure to cover the trap with leaves or any other material that will conceal it. Once the mole comes into contact with the trap, it should be immediately trapped.
  • When checking if any mole has been caught, be careful not to disturb the tunnel too much. Human scent is likely to deter the moles from getting close to the trap.

The Best Way to Kill Moles

Scientists’ opinions differ when it comes to eliminating moles. Some argue that flooding a tunnel with water does not work. Others say that castor oil has been tested over time and has proved to be an effective control method.

They argue that moles castor oil is effective when trying to kill the pests. Click here for more information about castor oil for moles. Gas bombs and mole poison baits have also been seen to work. Trapping is common and highly effective, but some states such as Massachusetts have banned this method. While that’s the case, you can opt for bait such as Talpirid.

Talpirid is a bait mole killer that comes in a form that imitates earthworms. This bait contains a potent neurotoxin, highly toxic, known as rodenticide bromethalin, and can kill moles within 24 hours. Due to its active ingredient bromethalin, it is directed to be used under restriction. If kids or pets accidentally consume this formula, it can pose a serious health hazard.

Talpirid for kills moles

Types of Mole Poison

A lot of people prefer using poison to eliminate moles because this is considered an easy to go method. After trying traps and emerging unsuccessful, most gardeners consider toxic baits and poisons.

Although scientists consider toxic baits as a non-serious mode of killing moles citing that they are not attracted to food, poison manufacturers are now producing poisonous baits with the imitation of natural mole food. Mole poisons must only be used when there is a great need for elimination, and when no other option is available or none seems to work.

On the market today, there are several mole poisons, with some products having been proven useless at killing them. However, there are also those that have been seen to work. When choosing a poison to get rid of moles in your home, it is vital to read through the instructions carefully. The poisons leave behind a residue that can harm plants, and is therefore not advisable to use them in a vegetable garden.

  • Bromethalin is a front runner of mole poisons. Its makeup imitates the smell, look, and chemical makeup of earthworms. This is what tricks moles into feeding on it. Bromethalin is an active ingredient composed of fluorine and bromine. After consuming this poison, the moles are said to undergo brain changes, convulsions, and finally death.
  • Whole Control: this restores a lawn by preventing the formation of tunnels that may be caused by moles. The ingredients of this product are natural and biodegradable. Whole Control is not destroyed by rain and remains effective for up to three months.
  • Rodenticide warfarin is the other common mole poison. When in the form of gel, the poison is said to have a very high mole eradication effect. It inhibits blood from coagulating and causes the mole to bleed to death internally. It can be discharged into the mole tunnel with a syringe. Once moles are attracted to it, they ingest it and die within two days.

  • Zinc Phosphide: this product has been proven to kill moles. Its pellets form a chemical reaction which then creates phosphine gas. It is believed to be a quick-acting poison that has the potential to kill moles within 3 hours. This poison reacts to stomach acids and creates a toxic gas which then kills the moles from the inside. Perhaps one advantage of using this poison is that even when pets eat a poisoned mole they do not experience adverse effects except vomiting and nausea.
  • Castor oil: although mole facts and scientific studies do not give a clear-cut definition of the effectiveness of this substance, most gardeners still believe that it has a high potential of eliminating moles. Despite the absence of this proof, the effectiveness of castor oil is widespread and has been the preferred choice of poison for many.
    Further mole facts can be found here.

With so many tunnels zigzagged across your lawn, it may be necessary to invest in poison, especially if your professional trappers are far between and few. Prior to selecting the ideal poison for your case, conduct thorough research. You can only make the most humane choice by understanding how each affects living tissue.

Eliminating Moles with Chemicals

Although traps work, they do not guarantee that other moles will not come crawling back into your landscape. Chemicals ensure all moles are eliminated, and that there is no chance of them ever coming back to your compound.

Where you place the chemical solution is what needs careful consideration. The two common chemicals include worm-shaped baits rich in Bromethalin and Warfarin.


When it comes to getting rid of pesky moles, homeowners have a few different options. Some people prefer using traps, while others might try poison.

The quickest way to get rid of moles is by the use of poison. When it may not be the best, especially around pets, plants, and kids, it can be highly effective. The poisons are available in various sizes and shapes, from the gel, fake earthworms, liquids, and more.

There are many mole poisons on the market, but I’ve found three that seem to be the best based on customer feedback and ratings. My top pick is the Talpirid Mole Bait Worms – they come highly recommended by users and get great reviews online. It uses a very active ingredient known as Bromethalin, which is formulated with the smell and flavor of earthworms.

Talpirid information

If you’re looking for an instant kill, then the Tomcat Mole Killer is a good option. It’s also one of the most affordable products on this list. Finally, if you want something that will last over time, check out the Motomco Mole Killer – it has a long-lasting effect and will keep your yard mole-free for months.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of the best mole poison products on the market today. And with the above remedies on how to kill moles, you should now be well set to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Questions & Answers

Does Chewing Gum Kill Moles?

Mole and chewing gumChewing gum is a highly considered method of eliminating moles by many gardeners. The idea behind feeding the moles on gum is to have them eat it and then have it ‘gum up’ in their stomachs, causing them to die of digestive problems.

Gum is not scientifically proven to kill moles.

Gardeners are advised to cut the gum into tiny pieces and then stick them in the mound by digging holes and being sure not to collapse the tunnel. It is believed that the moles are attracted to the sweet smell of the gum.

Does Rat Poison Kill Moles?

RACO rat & mouse killerOne of the myths that have been used by many gardeners is that rat poison can be used to control moles. Understand that moles are insectivorous, and they mostly feed on earthworms. They do not eat roots or plants, so they cannot eat rat poison used to control rodents.