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Best Snake Repellent

best snake repellent

Having snakes on your turf can be an extremely serious problem and is one that needs to be handled swiftly. While some snakes have a good reputation and can actually be beneficial (targeting unwanted rodents or other pests in your yard), many dangerous snakes can endanger you, your family, and your pets.

When you are dealing with snakes on your property, you have several options on the types of snake repellents that you can use to eliminate them for good. Failure to get the best snake repellent for yards can be a very dangerous mistake, as many venomous snakes bites can be lethal.

Here I’m going to break down the best possible snake repellent choices that can help treat your snake problem before it gets worse.

Our Top Pick
Nature's MACE Snake Granular Repellent
Professional Strength All-Natural Granular Repellent
Nature’s MACE combines the best of an all-natural formula and effectiveness to help repel snakes from your property.

Of all of the snake repellents for sale on the market, 3 were clear winners in my book. My top 3 favorite snake repellents were Nature’s Snake MACE, Victor Snake-A-Way Granules, and Bonide Snake Stopper.

These are the Top of the Line Snake Repellents in 2024

Our Top Pick
1) Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent review
1) Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent
  • Active Ingredients: 5% Cedarwood Oil, 0.3% Clove Oil, 0,5% Rosemary Oil, 0.4% Cinnamon Oil
  • All natural, dependable product
  • Uses essential oils to repel snakes

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People's Choice
2) Snake-A-Way Snake Repelling Granules review
2) Snake-A-Way Snake Repelling Granules
  • Active Ingredients: 7% Naphthalene, 28% Sulfur
  • Reliable, lasting results
  • Uses naphthalene and sulfur

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Also great
3) Bonide Snake Stopper Repellent Granules review
3) Bonide Snake Stopper Repellent Granules
  • Active Ingredients: 3.1% Cedarwood Oil, 0.6% Cinnamon Oil, 0.3% Clove Oil
  • Uses USDA-approved ingredients
  • Does not harm your garden

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The 5 Best Snake Repellents on the Market Reviewed

Several main ingredients are common in snake repellents, and each ingredient has its own strengths and pitfalls. Depending on if you prefer to take an all-natural approach, or you’re not worried about reaching for something that may have chemicals in its ingredient list, there’s something for you here.

If you’ve spotted a snake on your property, then you’re probably very understandably worried. After all, where there’s one snake, there could be many more. There are many good reasons to want to get rid of a snake infestation ASAP, too. While some snakes are quite harmless and won’t hurt you or your family or pets (such as garter snakes), others can be very dangerous. One bite from their poison-tipped fangs can make you very sick and can very easily kill you or your children or pets.

If you’re looking for the best way to repel snakes, then look no further. While there are many different products on the market available to consumers, some products stand out as far better than others. Here is the breakdown of the top five snake repellent products available and their key highlights.

Of the 5 snake repellents reviewed below, one stood out as the clear winner to me. This was determined by dependability, effectiveness, and customer reviews of the product. This winner is Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent.


1) Nature’s MACE – The Best Eco-Safe, Pet-Friendly, All-Natural Snake Repellent (Editor’s Choice)

Nature’s MACE combines the best of an all-natural formula and effectiveness to help repel snakes from your property. A very potent formula, a small amount of this product can cover thousands of square feet. Nature’s MACE contains no dangerous toxins and is safe to use around children, pets, and even in gardens.

How It Works
Nature’s MACE works by upsetting a snake’s sense of taste and sense of smell. It confuses the snake and makes it feel unwelcome in your yard, driving it to retreat. The snake then quickly leaves your property in search of a less hostile environment.

In-Depth Review

This product comes in an easy-to-use plastic jug with a screw-top lid. I find that this packaging makes it quite easy to remove the desired portion of this product to sprinkle it around your yard. It also has a shaker top, so if you prefer, you can simply pop the lid up and shake it over the areas you wish to apply it. The formula is clean, not messy at all. It consists of small granules, so there’s no risk of leakage or spilling.

Nature’s MACE is a trusted product that has been on the market for a very long time. It has over 50 years of R&D (research and development) behind it, and the manufacturer stands firmly behind its product. It is regarded as very powerful against copperheads, garter snakes, and rattlesnakes.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Nature’s MACE does not dissolve in the rain, but it can eventually be washed away during the rainy seasons of your geographical region. That said, a very small amount of this product does go a long way. Just 5 pounds of Nature’s MACE has been shown to cover up to 2,500 square feet of your yard, meaning that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get lasting results.

In conclusion, Nature’s MACE is a fantastic product to repel snakes. Economical, fast-acting, and safe, it can help rid you of your snake problems for good. It won’t make your family or pets sick, and it’s safe to use in flower and vegetable garden beds. All in all, it’s a great option for all of your snake repelling needs.

  • Works quickly
  • Lasts up to 4 months
  • Water resistant
  • Completely biodegradable
  • All-Natural and organic
  • Clean, no-mess formula
  • Does not kill snakes
  • Can irritate skin

2) Snake-A-Way – The Best Non-Organic Snake Repellent Granules (People’s Choice)

For those who aren’t overly concerned with using only essential oils and organic materials in their snake repellent, Victor Snake-A-Way granules can help successfully deter snakes. Using a combination of naphthalene and sulfur, snakes are repelled but your children and family should be completely safe (if used as directed).

How it Works

Snakes have special receptors in their tongues, which is why you can see them flicking them in and out of their mouths. They’re “tasting” the air, then pulling their tongue back into their mouth to determine if there is prey or threats nearby. The active ingredients in Snake-A-Way granules disrupt this action, confusing the snake and driving it away.

In-Depth Review

Victor granules come in a resealable zip-top bag. This can make using this product somewhat clumsy and inefficient, but that’s a very minor quibble. However, despite this extremely mild packaging design flaw, I think that the product itself is clean and easy to use. You’re not at risk of splashing toxic chemicals on yourself when you use it.

Not every consumer is overly worried about using all-natural and organic ingredients, which makes room for Snake-A-Way on the market. This product uses the same active ingredient found in mothballs, which has been demonstrated to be very powerful against snakes.

A Strong Formula that Lasts

While this product is safe to use around where children play, the manufacturer does not advise using it where pets roam. Please be advised that this comes from the manufacturer themselves, despite a note on their website stating the safety of this product. There is a small risk of toxicity to animals, so keep that in mind when considering which product to use to repel snakes. A small amount of this product can cover a large surface area, which I find to be very convenient. It also lasts up to three months after you apply it.

Many people have reported that Snake-A-Way Granules are effective against many breeds of snakes, such as black snakes, coral snakes, and rattlesnakes. It’s easy to apply and powerful. While you do not want to apply it directly to your plants, it can be used around gardens and flowers without harming them. Be sure to wear gloves when using this product, as it can injure the skin if it remains exposed to it.

In conclusion, while there are a few mild disadvantages of choosing Snake-A-Way Granules (such as the uncertainty about pet safety), the benefits definitely outweigh them.
Despite not being a completely safe option to use around pets, I believe the value and the effectiveness of this product make it a great option for many people.
  • Clean formula
  • Powerful and effective
  • 91% repellent rate for garter and rattlesnakes
  • Small amount goes a long way
  • EPA-approved formula
  • Safe for areas where children play
  • Water resistant
  • Uses naphthalene
  • Smells bad
  • Poor packaging
  • May not be safe around pets

3) Bonide Snake Stopper Granules – A Highly Dependable and All-Natural

This product uses a combination of powerful essential oils and sulfur to repel snakes. It can be used anywhere you may find snakes, including your yard, your patio, your shed, and your garden. When used as directed, it’s safe to use around children and pets. It also does not harm snakes at all, giving the buyer a clear conscience when trying to remove snakes from their yard.

How it Works

Like most snake repellents, this product works by upsetting the snake and driving it away. The scent of this product is considered very unattractive to a snake. The Jacobson’s organ in a snake is the organ that allows the snake to “smell” an area, and if it detects the oils and compounds in Bonide Snake Stopper, they’ll quickly flee.

In-Depth Review

The screw-top jar is a very convenient way to dispense Bonide Snake Stopper. The plastic container seems sturdy and dependable. It comes in many sizes, allowing you to choose how much you need. When you are done dispensing the product, you can easily replace the lid. The granules help prevent dangerous liquids from sloshing and spilling around, as well.

This product is very powerful against a wide assortment of snake breeds, including both venomous and non-venomous snakes. People have reported it being effective against many types of snakes, including copperheads, garter snakes, and brown snakes.

Does Not Harm Children or Pets

Bonide Snake Stopper is regarded as safe to use around children, pets, and plants. However, do not apply it directly to plants, as it can kill them. It doesn’t need to be diluted, and a little bit of this product does go a long way. On the downside, it does need to be reapplied after heavy rain or every two weeks, whichever comes first.

Another downfall of this product is that it is illegal to sell it in certain states. Consumers based in Alaska and the District of Columbia are out of luck and are not permitted to buy Bonide Granules.
This can be quite inconvenient and can force a person to look at different brands of snake repellents for lasting relief from their snake issues.

To summarize, Bonide Snake Stopper has many great advantages. It’s safe to use around children and pets, and it doesn’t harm the snake. It’s all-natural, but unfortunately, illegal to sell in some states and needs to be reapplied frequently. Despite these disadvantages, it’s still a very good product and I still can definitely recommend it to you with confidence.

  • Clean formula
  • Pet safe
  • Non-toxic, all-natural ingredients
  • Potent
  • USDA recommended ingredient list
  • Safe to use around plants
  • Can’t be used in every state
  • Needs to be used every two weeks
  • Not water resistant

4) Liquid Fence – A Reliable, Effective, and Non-Toxic Snake Repellent for Yards

Liquid Fence avoids toxic chemicals in favor of pungent, natural oils to repel snakes. A granular formula that is safe to use around children and pets, a little bit of this product goes a long way. For consumers who don’t like wasteful products, this one is sure to please.

How it Works

Liquid Fence uses a combination of powerful and fragrant oils to upset a snake and confuse it. Like most snake repellents, this product affects Jacobson’s organs, too. The scent of this product is very offensive to a snake, and if they detect it in their presence, they’ll retreat where they came from.

In-Depth Review

Unlike other products, this one introduces wintergreen oil. This makes the product quite pleasant to the scent, which means that you can use it where you may have guests or friends and they won’t even be aware that you’re using snake repellent. The packaging is also sleek and streamlined, and the screw-top plastic jar seems sturdy and dependable. You can easily scoop out the amount you need without having to fight with the packaging.

There are several pros of Liquid Fence that make it a good choice for the consumer. For those who do not want to have toxic chemicals on their property, this product promises an all-natural formula. It’s reported to be safe around children and pets and has a highly-concentrated, time-release formula. This means that you’ll be using less of it, which can save you in the long run. You won’t need to repeatedly purchase it, either, since you won’t be constantly be running out of it.

Uses Large Particles

Customers reported that Liquid Fence was effective against both dangerous and non-venomous snakes, so you may find this product to be effective against your snake problem. On the other hand, the pieces are also very large, which means that they’re more likely to be picked up by curious children or pets.
While this product does seem to work well, it’s unfortunately backed by a very limited warranty by the manufacturer. After 30 days, there are no returns or refunds.

In conclusion, Liquid Fence is a perfectly fine snake repellent. While the other snake repellents did impress me more, that doesn’t mean that this one isn’t worth looking into. If you have a serious snake problem, I believe that this product can help resolve it for you.

  • Pleasant scent
  • No naphthalene
  • Highly concentrated, time-release formula
  • Safe around children, pets, and plants
  • Biodegradable
  • Large pieces
  • No money-back guarantees
  • Poor customer service

5) Snake Scram – A Professional’s Choice for Snake Repellents

Snake Scram Pro boasts an all-natural ingredient profile:

    0.508% Clove Oil
    3.000% Cedar Oil

    0.508% Cinnamon Oil
    1.500% Oil of Rosemary

    0.030% Garlic Oil

It claims to be environmentally safe and organic, relying on strong-smelling oils to repel snakes. This product was designed specifically to be used by pest-control professionals and comes ready to use around children, pets, gardens, patios, and other residential surfaces.

How it Works

If a snake can’t pick up any cues from the air about if it’s in a safe place, it won’t want to stick around to find out if it’s in danger. That’s how Snake Scram Pro works. It confuses snakes and makes them feel uncertain, quickly booting them off your land.

In-Depth Review

Snake Scram Pro comes in a large tub, which means that it is somewhat heavy and bulky to carry. However, the bucket shape of the product and the pop-top lid is easy to manage, and removing the desired amount of product is quite easy. The handle makes it easy to carry it, and the granules are convenient when scattering it around your yard.

Snake Scram Pro is a good product to use. After all, it’s marketed to professionals, which means that many professional pest removal experts can vouch for it. While this product is fine, it does have its limitations. However, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad product at all. If you can’t find the other products at the store, I think that this one will definitely do the job!

Safe to Use Inside Your Home

While Snake Scram Pro is highly concentrated (one pound covers 600 square feet), it does need to be reapplied more often. That said, this is the only product that says you can use it inside your home.
If you’re worried about snakes inside your house, I believe that you can’t go wrong with Snake Scram Pro.

All in all, I still definitely recommend Snake Scram Pro. While it may have some aspects to it that make it pale next to other snake repellents, it is still a dependable product and I believe that it won’t let you down.

  • Natural formula
  • Safe to use
  • No climate restrictions
  • Professional strength
  • Fast acting
  • Okay to use in your home
  • Not as concentrated
  • Can harm water
  • Large pellet size

What is the Best Snake Repellent for Yards in May, 2024? – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a snake repellent can seem like a difficult task. With so many different snake repellents on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your choices. That’s why I’m breaking down the key highlights of these snake repellents to help you make the best decision for your needs.

There are a few things that informed consumers like to ask before purchasing a snake repellent:

  1. Safe. One big issue is if the product is safe. They want to make sure that the snake repellent isn’t going to harm their children, pets, or garden.
    All of the products that I have reviewed are considered completely safe, meaning that you have nothing to worry about when using them.
  2. Effective. Another major consideration is that the ingredients are effective. Some people have asked if these snake repellents are good against specific breeds of snakes, such as rattlesnakes, copperheads, and garter snakes.
    All of these products specifically mention being powerful against all types of snakes, which means you can be confident when you purchase them.
  3. Ingredients. Educated shoppers also want to be aware of what ingredients are being used in their snake repellent. There’s a huge demand for all-natural ingredients, which is present in many of these products. That said, just because something uses an ingredient that is manufactured in a laboratory, it doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. In fact, naphthalene is considered quite safe to use around children, pets, and plants.
  4. Long-lasting. Finally, many people feel better about a product knowing that it is long-lasting. They do not want to be constantly reapplying their snake repellent just to keep the snakes at bay.
    I chose these products because they are highly concentrated and last, which means that you’ll save time and money in the long run when using them.

Why Use Snake Repellent?

Snakes on your property are a very serious concern. Without taking the time to face them head-on, this issue can continue to grow out of control. Over time, if you don’t get rid of the snakes, you can put yourself, your family, and your pets in danger by exposing them to snake bites.

Fortunately, these 5 best snake repellents are all trustworthy and dependable options. If you use them, you can start to notice lasting relief from your snake problems in a very short amount of time. If you notice the snakes returning, you can always repeat another cycle of the snake repellent treatment. The snakes should eventually get the hint and stay off your turf.

Repelling snakes from your property is extremely important. With the aid of these 5 snake repellents, you can get lasting relief from your ongoing snake issues, finally freeing you from your snake problems for good.