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Electric Fence for Squirrels

electric fence for squirrels

Frankly speaking, when it comes to squirrels, everyone should know that they are too hard to eliminate from any place they are in – house, attic, garden, etc. Oftentimes we tend to use several methods that promise effective results in a few days. However, let’s face it – in 80% of cases eradication is not as simple as we hope.

To remove them you are to find their location, watch them, find out what habits they have, foods and areas  they prefer. It’d be better done right away. If you leave their presence neglected, who knows what the consequences will be.

We know what you should start with and how to proceed. We hold all the information you require and effective control methods you can choose from. Are you ready to say NO to uninvited guests?

Signs of Squirrel Infestation and Its Exclusion

The squirrels like tearing up all the shreddingThey commonly start with your garden and quickly pass to the attic. Why attics? Such areas are the most welcoming and always available. The pests like tearing up all the shredding and insulation to pieces, creating a preferable area for their needs.

The burrows create additional entrance for different insects and bats, as well as a huge number of other pests that cause damage you will have to cope with. Flooding, nesting, terrible odors are just a few of the problems you’ll have to face. This is why you are to stop the infestation right away.

The greatest danger is the fire hazard that squirrels create.

Do you really have these pests at home? It’s hard to say, so we offer looking for the commonest signs of their activity, namely:

  • Urine or feces deposits,
  • Chewed wires and cables in walls and in the attic,

  • Bad odor,
  • Stains on the ceiling,

  • Damages in vents screening,
  • Roof damage.

So, what should be done in the process of exclusion? Perhaps, one of the working methods is using one-way doors whenever possible. To set them you should start looking for all the possible entry and exit points in the roof or walls and seal all of them, except for one-two. Place one-way doors in there to allow the animals to leave your house and never get back to it.

Actual Info!
Using this method is regarded to be one of the main alternatives for elimination of the problem.
They say it is faster than trapping and requires fewer expenses.

However, installing one-way door is not always possible. This is when you have to consider live trapping the animals and removing them. After that you can seal all the holes and leave no way to access your house.

To find out more about live trapping keep reading.

Trapping as a Squirrel Pest Control Option

Are you really interested in how to keep all the squirrels away? Then you are to know what options or services are available in your state. For example, when it comes to removal and control in Atlanta, residents can hire professionals and count on for conservation-friendly and humane practices. Today Atlanta Squirrel Control deals with the removal of nasty animals from businesses and homes in all the areas.

Specialists state that the vital part of the methodology that most services offer is sealing. It ensures that no pest is going to come again to your place. The process itself means closing all access points from roof to foundation. Yes, this method works, but not always.

What we suggest is trapping. You catch the animal alive, take it away from your property, and release it, making sure it will never get back ever again.

Release the squirrel not closer than five miles away.

So, what types of traps are on the list of the most popular ones?

  1. Squirrel's live trapsLive traps. They are effective for eradication outside and inside your house. These are mostly metal cages that are used in combination with special baits for keeping the animals isolated. This is when they can be quickly removed elsewhere. Cover a cracker with some peanut butter in order to lure the pest.
    After it has been trapped, you can go two ways: the first one – calling animal control officers in order to remove the traps; the second one – driving it miles away from your house and letting it out somewhere in the woods.
  2. Anticoagulant bait traps. They are also a good answer to the question of how to trap a squirrel, but the problem is that they remove the animal by killing it. A pest ingests the toxins and dies in a few days. Choose the best squirrel bait to use in a trap with my review.
    Normally, the chemicals can cause internal bleeding, as the blood cannot clot in a proper way. Of course, the toxicity of these traps is lower than that of other chemical cages, however, this option is very inhumane. Keep in mind that the traps should be kept away from children and home pets.
We suggest spending some time watching the way squirrels get into your house.
What for? Normally there are holes you can’t notice at once as they are much smaller than expected.

After the removal, you’d better think of prevention. In most cases to prevent re-infestation, you must remove all the food sources from your yard. This is the primer rule of garden squirrel control. The thing is these animals are mostly attracted to the location that has something to offer. Another recommendation – if you have a bird feeder, change it to a special squirrel-proof variant as a vital part of squirrel abatement.

Electronic Squirrel Control Products

Lately, electronic squirrel control options became very popular. They are safe, require no additional efforts or reapplication, as in the case with other best squirrel repellent products, and are rather effective.

As the options are multiple, we suggest a few basic variants to work with:

  • Ultrasonic devices,
  • Electric fences,
  • Electric zapper.

Ultrasonic devices

Did you know that squirrels are very sensitive to ultrasound and can communicate with the help of high-frequency transmissions? We suggest paying special attention to Bird-X ultrasonic products that can repel these pests from your property.

The most popular variants are Transonic Bugchaser and Transonic PRO.
If you’d like to control their presence in the yard, use the Yard Gard device.

How do such devices work? They generate sound waves that irritate the animals. Squirrels can hear these sound waves, which are usually above the sensory range of a human. And this is mainly why ultrasound products can be quite effectively used in repelling them fast. According to the latest reviews, there are even more modern devices that create an electromagnetic field for repelling pests.

Ultrasonic device for squirrel control

Electric fences

For so you know, usual barrier fences will never stop squirrels from getting into your yard and then into your house. So if you don’t want to deal with the consequences and are interested in how to get rid of damaging squirrels in the attic, you must think of installing a special barrier fence that is combined with an electric fence for squirrels. These barriers are specially designed for the exclusion of squirrels from gardens. They utilize a low wire mesh fence that is usually about 18 inches high. The mesh is combined with wires, which carry an electric charge.

As soon as squirrels start digging under it or climbing over it, they come into contact with the wires and receive an electric shock, which is mild but still makes them leave.

The vital components of this type of fencing are:

  • Ground system,
  • Plastic/metal/fiberglass posts,

  • Fence charger,
  • Connectors,

  • Insulators,
  • Poly tape/poly wire.

The posts are placed 5-12 feet apart. The distance should be chosen, depending on the garden’s terrain or shape. All wires must start close to the ground and be spaced 3-4 inches apart.

Use 3 wires preventing squirrels from jumping through the fence.

As the wires are close to the ground, they must be free of any vegetation. Or you can use a low-impendence charger.

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Electric zapper

This is a simple squirrel-proof mechanism that is effective, but not dangerous. They say it is as harmful as the tingling sensation that is produced by an electric dog fence. In order to use an electric squirrel zapper, you should press a remote control that works not more than 200 feet. The mechanism is specially designed with a holder that ensures that the device works properly.

If you are about to use one of the methods on how to control these nasty squirrels, remember that there are different regulations that vary from state to state and you are to know all of them. Knowing your local laws, you can choose among the control options.