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How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

how to get rid of chipmunks

Chipmunks can create significant problems for any homeowner as they prefer to set up their homes not only in yards but in attic and walls as well. They can eat birdseed and fruits, dig burrows near your building and store the food inside the holes.

On top of that, if there many of these pesky rodents on your property their burrowing can cause a real structural damage to the house.

When all these things happen the question of eliminating chipmunks becomes more serious. If you are a desperate person who feels a chipmunk is destroying your walls, attic, yard or the house, this information is exactly for you.

Check out the best methods to stop and get rid of these invasive rodents and choose the one that fits your situation.

How do you get rid of chipmunks? Choosing the best way to crack the problem

There is a huge number of methods to stop chipmunks from causing mess and damage in your house and yard. However, not all of these methods are effective.

Success depends on the number of bothersome chipmunks as well as the competence to choose the right method.

So, let’s see how to keep those pesky monsters out of your property effectively.

Offensive odors and scents

Offensive scents for chipmunksChipmunks always know when any predator is nearby.

Use scent-based repellent products to drive pesky chipmunks away. More information on repellents as well as their usage can be read here.

Scare devices

Any device that resembles a predator making a sudden movement or noise can be effective for keeping little rodents away from your garden.

There are many owl deterrents specially designed to deter chipmunks. You can effectively use these decoys to scare the rodents away.

When it comes to chipmunk reproduction, spring and summer are 2 breeding seasons. One chipmunk can have 5 babies per season.
Therefore, it is essential to apply all the possible control methods until a few chipmunks turn into many.

Humane traps that don’t kill

Humane trap is the best way to get rid of chipmunks:

  • Anyone can easily use these traps inside and outside any place.
  • The traps are safe around children and pets.
  • With humane trap anyone can easily and effectively catch chipmunks without killing them or using poison.

When chipmunks start destroying your yard or moving into your house, live humane traps are the best, fastest and most reliable ways to do away with rodents. What’s more, they last a lifetime.

Tips to catch and trap a chipmunk in the house

Chipmunks can undermine your stone wallsChipmunks like such areas which can give them food and protection. These can be railroad timbers and walls.

If chipmunks undermine your stone walls, it will cost you a good deal of money to replace the walls. And if these rodents have got into the walls of the building or in the attic and died there, they can cause smell and blockage.

Chipmunks may use walls as a part of their burrow or for building nesting sites. Though it is rare for chipmunks to get into your home, it can always happen. If you have openings in doorways or foundations, then no wonder a chipmunk is in your attic or walls. Like mice and rats, chipmunks can enter the house wherever there is any opening.

So, how to get rid of chipmunks in the house? There are a great number of reasons why chipmunks get into the house. However, with special methods you can always improve your chipmunk problem.

Let’s, check out some prudent tips that will help you to remove chipmunks in your house.

Tip 1. Prevention

Most chipmunks enter houses in search of food. Check your house for cracks. Cracks allow these little rodents to enter the walls or attic.

Fill in all the cracks with the help of sealant or cement.

Chipmunks make nests not only underground but in walls as well.

Tip 2. Rat Zapper

You can use rat zapper trap for killing chipmunksPeople often use rat traps for killing chipmunks. However, not everyone likes to deal with classic mouse or rat traps. It may be unpleasant and difficult to set the trap. Many people even hate setting rat traps.

Fortunately, there is another more humane alternative. The name of this device is Rat Zapper. This is an excellent control device that works great to kill chipmunks.

Bait the Rat Zepper with some dry food and when a chipmunk enters the device, it will be killed by electric shock of a high voltage. Rat Zepper uses special sophisticated electronics to sense when the chipmunk is in the trap and deliver a fast deadly electric shock.

When compared with rat traps, Rat Zepper is better as there is no blood, mess, the chipmunk is killed instead of being stunned and it is easy to dispose of the killed chipmunks. What’s more, anyone who uses Rat Zepper doesn’t have to purchase the poison that children might get into.

Make your house and yard less appealing to chipmunks.
Take all the things that can attract chipmunks away, re-position birdfeeders and construct mesh barriers around plants, flower beds and other areas.

Tip 3. Humane live trap

If you find a chipmunk in your attic, don’t panic. You can easily catch a pesky rodent with 2 simple things:

  • Humane live trap.
  • Peanut butter.

These animals feel more secure in the dark. Therefore, turn off all the lights in the attic. Bait a trap with peanut butter, corn, cereal or grains and wait. Don’t forget to close the doors leading to the attic.

Check the trap in an hour. With a good trap as well as bait you will surely catch a chipmunk in your attic.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the best trap. What the best trap is, how to trap a rodent, what bait and poison to use are the questions you can receive the answers to in this article.

Tip 4. P3 International Attack Wave Pestrepeller

Attack Wave Pestrepeller for combat chipmunksKeep chipmunks out of the property with Attack Wave Pestrepeller. This is an excellent and environmentally safe method to combat chipmunks.

The device attacks nervous systems of rodents producing a strong sound pressure. The unit is harmless to humans and pets and effectively works for inside buildings and structures where pesky rodents have entered.

Ultrasonic sounds of this device will surely drive away all the chipmunks from your house.

How to get rid of chipmunks in my yard: Six efficient methods to drive them away

Although chipmunks are cute pesky creatures, once a colony of these rodents takes over your yard, removing them can be a lengthy process.

Let’s check some methods to crack your pesky rodent problem in the most efficient way.

  1. Clear the yard

    Getting rid of chipmunks in the yard may be puzzling. As far as these rodents prefer lots of cover and love shade places, clearing the yard of bushes and shrubs is the first important thing a homeowner needs to do.

    Houses with bushes, shrubs and landscaping that afford cover and protection, along with sources of water and bird feeders, will attract rodents, increasing the chances that chipmunks will do real damage.
    Avoid giving chipmunks a covered walkway from the yard to your home.
  2. Buy a cat
    Chipmunks are afraid of cats. Let a cat walk in your yard and encourage a little rodent to leave the yard moving on to a friendlier area.
  3. Bird feeders
    How to get rid of chipmunks in garden? Move your bird feeders out of reach of chipmunks or get rid of them. Don’t use sunflower seeds as bird food.
  4. Use scent they don’t like

    Chipmunks avoid the areas where foxes might be. You can mimic the presence of fox in your yard with Fox Urine. This is a crystalline substance that you can effectively use as a repellent to drive chipmunks away.

    The repellent lasts up to 3 weeks after application. Use it around your yard perimeter to deter the rodents. Spreading the repellent around a perimeter will keep those pesky rodents from destroying the yard.

    Chipmunks spend most of their time storing the food
  5. Trapping
    Trapping is far the best of all ways to remove chipmunks from your yard. You can purchase one, two or more traps and set them in some sheltered areas. Don’t forget to bait the traps.
    If you or your neighbours are seriously infested by these rodents, you can buy Chipmunkinator. With this trap you will not be disappointed. This is a live multi catch trap that is designed to catch up to twenty pesky rodents at one time.
  6. Squirrel Chaser with the scent for chipmunksSquirrel Chaser Set of 3
    This deterrent is aimed at squirrels which are similar to chipmunks in their behavior. The product contains the scent chipmunks don’t like.
    You can hang pouches in the trees or from yard stakes. The smell of the deterrent will send the rodents in some other direction. These deter pouches can keep chipmunks away up to six months.
    More information on chipmunk control options you can find here.

As you see, it is not difficult to make away with chipmunks. Remember, an access to food these rodents like such as birdfeeders can lead to explosion of chipmunk population.

Don’t let these rodents take control of the house. Placing special barriers, using great products in the form of traps, deterrents and repellents will help you to deal with chipmunk problem effectively.