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How to Get Rid of Groundhogs

how to get rid of groundhogs

Found holes near or under porches, decks or other areas? If something has been digging in your garden or yard, then chances are big that you have at least 1 groundhog on your property. Woodchucks’ burrows may result in overturned dirt in your yard or lawn. Moreover these pests can eat crops and foliage.

Woodchucks can be really difficult to remove. The best way to eliminate these diggers is to use a number of methods in combination.

If you don’t want to share your living space with destructive woodchucks, use our smart tips. In this article we will provide you with special methods and ideas that will transform safe-for-woodchucks environment into the area they don’t like.

Groundhog damage

Groundhogs problemsAlthough groundhogs are typically harmless to humans, pets and animals, they are considered a nuisance.

These pests may cause many problems like:

  • Creating a huge damage by digging;
  • Chewing wires;
  • Damaging crops.

Due to their powerful claws they can quickly burrow, leaving large holes as they dig. Whether damaging your structure/building by digging underneath or making short work of your decorative plants, groundhogs can be quite bothersome and destructive when they take up residence around your property.

Solve woodchuck problem before woodchucks’ mating season.

Let’s face it: groundhog removal is a puzzling task. But you can crack groundhog problems, with the right mix of good groundhog control methods and products. Before applying any control method you need to become familiar with the habits of this rodent.

What does a groundhog look like?

Groundhog look likeThis cute animal has brown fur, small bushy tail and strong claws for burrowing. Groundhogs are most active in the morning and during the early evening hours. At this period of time they emerge from their burrows in search of some food.

When it comes to groundhog behavior, they are mostly solitary animals. But as a species, woodchucks work to protect each other. With their sharp claws, woodchucks dig burrows that they usually use for nesting, hibernating and hoarding food. Being hibernators, woodchucks enter a deep sleep in October and emerge in early spring. These rodents survive on their fat reserves during hibernation.

Groundhog habitat

Groundhogs habitatThese animals can be found in central and eastern US and in several parts of Alaska and Canada.

Where do groundhogs live?

They give preference to transitional areas like forest or woodland in combination with a well-vegetated open meadow. Most of their time woodchucks spend underground in burrow systems which these rodents dig in dry soil. They like to dig their burrows beside trees, structures and home foundations.

Top 3 Groundhog Control Methods to Remove Pesky Diggers

Are you interested in how to kill a groundhog as quickly as possible? Note, the use of kill traps and poison is inhumane way of groundhog removal. The best way to eliminate these diggers is by using human methods like trapping. Let’s see what you can do to solve your groundhog problem.

  1. Groundhogs in your yardMake your yard unattractive to them

    Your yard is a safe place for destructive woodchucks that can easily enter it in search of some food. Therefore, it’s essential that you take some steps to make your property less attractive to these pest rodents.

    • Remove wood sources – like tree trunks – that woodchucks can gnaw their teeth on.
    • Remove harvest crops – melons, beans, carrots and peas – as early as possible.
    • Remove wood, piles of debris, and rocks where these creatures may take shelter. Remember, these animals prefer burrowing in locations that provide cover.
    • Trim back the plants woodchucks may use for cover or eat.
    • Fill abandoned pest burrows with gravel.
    Harvest garden fruits and vegetables quickly as far as many kinds of them attract destructive woodchucks.
    Some woodchuck favorites include carrots, beans, melons, lettuce and peas.
  2. Woodchuck's holeIdentify Woodchuck burrows

    Don’t know what control method to choose to eliminate destructive woodchucks? You will target a woodchuck control method in a quick way if you’ll become familiar with your woodchuck’s habits and where this rodent spends its time.

    Usually these rodents:

    • Eat grasses and cloves;
    • Gnaw on wood or woody vegetation;
    • Damage crops like beans, melons and peas;
    • Dig holes and burrow under lawn or structures;
    • Chew through electrical wires.
  3. Choose the best woodchuck control method

    Once you know what type of damage your groundhog is causing, you can easily select the best pest control method. You can choose 1 method or more. The more methods, the better your chances are at keeping your woodchucks off your property.There are many effective ways to remove groundhogs.

    Follow these simple but smart steps to make your lawn or yard woodchuck-free:

    • Woodchuck in trapUse trapping ideas

      Even if you are not an expert in trapping pesky woodchucks, easy-to-operate traps will help you to crack any woodchuck problem. Learning how to trap a pesky groundhog is essential if you want to reduce their damage. To achieve a successful woodchuck catch, bait the trap in a way that will force the woodchuck to fully enter it.

      Trapping and relocating groundhogs may be illegal in your area.
      Check with your state or local authorities before trapping woodchucks and other animals.
    • Groundhogs fenceUse fencing
      No doubt, they are not only good diggers but skilled climbers as well. This problem can be solved with a good fence.  If you’ll use a properly-installed fence on your property, it will make it more difficult for pesky woodchucks to enter your lawn or yard.
    • Groundhog repellentUse repellents, deterrents and electronic solutions
      From liquid, granular to electronic repellents, these days you can purchase really good solutions to make away with pesky diggers. Using best groundhog repellent and deterrent solutions are the most useful way to stop woodchucks from chewing on plants and keeping them from entering certain areas. What’s more, you can easily prevent woodchuck’s destructive digging and burrowing. Focusing on problem areas will help you to choose the best repellent for your woodchuck problem.
    • Install a 1 way door
      How to get rid of pesky groundhogs under a shed? The best way to do it is by installing a 1 way door that allows pesky rodents to get out from under the structure but don’t allow these critters to get back under it.
      Groundhog living under shed or decking

What is the best way to get rid of groundhogs?

Woodchucks preventationOnce you have woodchucks on your property, it becomes difficult to eliminate these uninviting guests. These rodents are skittish and known to respond in a quick way to scare tactics.

Prevention helps to make away with woodchucks. Start by identifying areas of damage. Find out where these pesky rodents spend their time. By doing this you will be able to target the most effective woodchuck control method. And keep in mind, that the best way to remove pesky groundhogs is by applying several woodchuck control methods at once.

Use effective woodchuck control methods and products and don’t let them rule your property.