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How to Get Rid of Mice in Apartment

how to get rid of mice in your apartment

Mice eradication is a sensitive exercise that requires persistence and consistency. Your inability to spot a mouse doesn’t always translate to a mouse-free home. As such, you should have a follow-up schedule to guide you through complete eradication of the pesky rodents. Mice have unique abilities that allow them to infest your house within a few weeks. They squeeze through small holes, hide in dark areas and only resurface at night when you’re asleep. They use these tricks to multiply quickly and wreak havoc at your home. Read on to get valuable methods to eliminate the rodents.

Mice Removal: How to Effectively Get Rid of Mice

You should consider the following for an effective mice removal process:

  1. The severity of the infestation. It’s paramount to consider the number of mice in your house before settling on a specific formula to eliminate them.

    Evidence of Mice
    Evidence of Mice in Your Home

    There are several vital signs that indicate numerous mice in your house including:

    • A large mass of mice droppings around attics, dark corners of your house and behind kitchen cabinets.
    • Traces of white stains on the floor left behind after the calcium-rich urine dries up, chewed PVC pipes and gnawed plywood on the wall.
    • Frequent noises at night as the rodents search for food.
  2. You should realize that mice are nocturnal and you can barely see them during the day. If you get a glance of several mice, then it’s factual that there are many more mice in the house. In such situations, you should combine several methods to maximize the chances of elimination. You may choose to combine poison baits with traps or any other natural methods. You may invite an exterminator if the situation is overwhelming.
    Traps and poison baits
  3. The location of the mice. The rodents infest various sections of the house at different times. They can infest the garage, walls, kitchen, attics, your car or any other part of your home. The area of infestation determines the method of mice removal that you should apply. You should choose a method that will not only eliminate the mice but also leave a habitable home thereafter.
    Mice location

It’s, for example, inappropriate to use poisonous baits on mice that live within the walls of your house since it will be hard to identify the location of the dead mouse which may lead to a stench. Also, some mice seek refuge behind the kitchen cabinets and hard-to-reach areas of the house making it difficult to use methods that don’t attract them to the trap.

The creatures are highly creative and may avoid even the best mouse repellents through hiding in their nests and resurface at night when such repellents lose potency! In such cases, always apply a trap with an attractive bait such as peanut butter to enhance the chances of attracting the mice out of their hideouts.

Ways to Remove Mice

There are numerous methods that you can use to eliminate mice from your house or apartment:

  • Use of traps. This is the most widely applied method due to its efficacy, affordability, and ease of application. There are different types of the traps such as glue traps for mice, catch-release traps and poisonous bait traps. You should ensure that you get a device that suits the design of your house, level of infestation as well as your beliefs. The motivation behind selecting a specific device should be to eliminate the stubborn rodents entirely without compromising your beliefs; if you like humane ways of elimination, then you should choose a humane trap, and if you fear mice, then you should select a device that allows you to dispose of the creatures without any form of contact.
  • Use of poisonous methods. The mouse poison pellets are highly toxic substances that kill the mice on ingestion. You need to be careful when applying the technique and ensure that the poison is out of reach for your children and pets. Some of the most commonly used poisons are instant potatoes and a combination of plaster of Paris and Cocoa butter.

    Crucial Tip
    The process of removing mice from an apartment is a bit complicated due to a large number of houses involved. As such, you should ensure coordination among the tenants to perform the removal processes concurrently. If there lack participation of all the parties involved, you’re likely to face re-infestation!
  • Use of repellents. These are items that produce a strong smell that mice hate making them move away from the house to other repellent-free areas. There are different types of mouse repellents that you can use in your house; you can either buy commercial repellents or use DIY methods to repel the mice. Some of the commonly used repellents include the mothballs, peppermint oil, sprays onions, and a used kitty litter.
    Mice repellents
  • Use of natural predators. Cat and owlThis is one of the most effective poison-free methods that guarantees complete removal of mice. The rodents have an outstanding ability to identify the presence of their predators from afar which makes them stay away from your house completely. Some of the predators that you should consider using include cats, dogs, owls, and snakes.

How Long Does It Take

The elimination time is dependent on the methods and consistency you apply in the entire process. You should never be in a hurry to celebrate since it’s likely that you still have mice in the house even after you’ve stopped seeing their signs! As such, you should have a several weeks schedule to ensure that you eliminate all the mice from your house and avoiding re-infestation.

You should not be restricted by the schedules, rather your target must always be to have zero mice in the house. The length of time required will vary depending on different factors including severity, the location of infestation and the methods you choose to apply. The average period recommended for a complete mice elimination is two weeks of consistent efforts. Within this period, you should ensure that you religiously change the traps, place new baits and remove the dead mice.

Getting Rid of a Lot of Mice

When you’re handling a heavy mice infestation, it’s paramount that you carefully choose the method to apply. In most cases, you’ll require combining several techniques to enhance the rate and efficacy of the removal process.

Identify the movement patterns before choosing your ideal elimination method!

Once you determine the severity of infestation, you should immediately devise the techniques to use. Most homeowners combine traps and repellents or natural predators and trapping devices. The choice that you make is dependent on factors including the location and their movement patterns.

What Is the Fastest Way?

Mice poisonWhile all the methods explained herein have a significant degree of efficacy, there are techniques that eliminate the mice faster than the others. If you are tired of the mice and you desperately want to get rid of them, then you should choose the method with a quick elimination ability.

The use of poison is a relatively faster method although most homeowners fear its use due to high risk of poisoning their children and pets. You should weigh the benefits and the limitations of using poison in your house and, if you’re convinced that you need a quick scheme regardless of the shortcomings, then you can use the poison.

Choosing the Right Control Method

Once you choose poisonous baits as your elimination method of choice, it’s important to have a method to help you identify your progress. Having a natural predator in your house is one of the surest technique to tell whether you still have the rodents in the house. A cat will stay in an alert position whenever it senses the presence of mice. It will be uneasy and has the tendency to dwell in the specific regions for long. If you notice these strange behaviors with your cat, you should be sure that you haven’t eliminated all the mice yet. As such, you should continue to set the poisonous baits to achieve complete elimination.

Also, you should look out for the following cat’s behaviors that tell you that you still have mice in the house:

  • Ears pointed forward. When the cat is alert and interested in something, it has the tendency to raise its ears.
  • Pacing and pouncing. When the predator portray hunting tendencies even when you can’t see what it’s fighting, you should continue setting the traps!

  • Purring. A cat’s purr indicates that they are anxious about something. In most cases, they’ll purr when they are interested in catching an intruder.
  • Cats are friendly pets that are teachable! You can teach the cat to alert you when there are intruders. If you’ve not trained it, then you should be careful when the cat displays the discussed signs.

Mouse and cat

Best Thing to Resolve the Problem

The golden rule to resolve the mice infestation problem is ensuring that you prevent their entry into your house. You can achieve this by thoroughly searching for their entry points and sealing them accordingly. Be keen to ensure that there are no holes or spaces that are more than ¼ inches in your house. You should particularly be keen with attics, basements, kitchen, garage, and food stores.

Cooper Mesh pest stopper

Also, it’s paramount that you keep your house clean and orderly by avoiding clutters, stagnant water, dirty dishes, old newspapers as well as dirty rags. If you allow these conditions in your house, you’ll never win over the mice. The conditions attract them to your house and they will creatively find ways to enter!

The Best 3 Effective Products I Can Use

There are several products that you can use to get rid of both house and field mice including:

1. Farnam Home Just One Bite II Bar

The product comes as a solid block that is designed to attract the mice due to its excellent smell. You’re required to place several blocks of the product on different locations along the rodents’ route. Once the mice ingest, they are dehydrated and die after several hours.

2. Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx

This product contains Diphacinone which is a highly potent anticoagulant and kills the rodents almost instantly.

3. Havoc Rat & Mouse Rodenticide Bait Pellets

The product is a second-generation anticoagulant that is highly effective against house and field mice. They are packaged into attractive poison bait that the rodents cannot resist.

Learn more about the best mouse poison here.

When dealing with outdoor mice, you should avoid the bars that can be dissolved in a humid environment. Instead, use Tomcat Wooden Mouse Traps. This product is pesticide-free, economical, and easy to use. Read more about Tomcat mouse traps here.

Tips and Tricks

Are you worried about the resilience portrayed by mice in your house?

Apply these tips to get rid of mice completely:

  • Make your house mouse-proof. Ensure that there are no spaces in your house that can allow mice into your home.
  • Ensure a clutter-free house. Avoid all the materials that can offer nests, food or water to the rodents. Clean the utensils after meals and sweep all the food remains away.
  • Select the best techniques. You should evaluate the severity of the problem and select the ideal methods to eradicate the mice. Always ensure that you use the best baits to attract the rodents including peanut butter and cheese.

  • Choice of location to set traps. Study the movements of mice before setting the traps. Set them strategically in areas where the rodents frequent.
  • Persistence! Do not give up before the process is complete. If you are weak in ensuring consistency, you should allow an exterminator to handle the problem.

What Is Better to Use When You Have Mice in the Stove

Removing mice from your stove is very sensitive because it carries significant poisoning risk. You should avoid using poisonous baits on the stove to limit the chances of contaminating your food. Instead, you should apply peppermint oil which is a natural, poison-free repellent that eliminates the mice effectively. Read more about other natural home remedies to get rid of mice here.

Dead mouse

What Is Actually the Best Way?

The best method to get rid of mice is usingpoisonous baits. This technique maximizes the chances of eliminating the creatures. It has the unique ability to kill the rodents in large numbers, unlike the traps. If you set several poisonous baits, you’ll kill more mice in a single day than if you set an equal number of trapping devices.

Getting rid of mice can be a tricky exercise if you’ve not learned the necessary tricks to execute the process. If you have experienced cases of re-infestation, then it’s likely that you’re not following the right elimination guidelines.