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How to Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell

how to get rid of mouse urine smell

Many ugly situations may cause embarrassment when you have visitors in your house, but none of them beats a blanket of pungent smell hovering around your lounge! It becomes worse when the smell has an irritating nature that keeps your visitors sneezing. This is the scenario you’re likely to encounter if you fail to tame the mice early enough. They infest your house and spread their urine whenever they pass. As a result, your house produces a detestable odor almost rendering it inhabitable. Is there a solution to the problem? Well, you shouldn’t worry about how to rid your house off the smell. This article provides crucial, well-articulated tips to help you in eliminating the repelling mouse smell!


You need to be on the lookout for a funny smell originating from your house or even your car. The mouse odor primarily comes from the urine. You’ll, therefore, detect a pungent ammonia-like smell. If you notice the unusual smell, you need to investigate the cause.

The process can be completed successfully by answering the following vital questions exhaustively:

  • Do you keep pets, such as dogs and cats, in your house? If your answer is affirmative, then the odor is either a result of the pets or mice. You’ll need to look out for more signs that may include nests and fecal matter. In case there are no other signs of mice infestation, it’s highly possible that what you’re experiencing isn’t mouse odor.
  • Which is the primary source of the smell? You need to investigate the origin of the smell to determine whether you’re suffering mice infestation or not. Mouse odor’s concentration increases as you move towards their hiding areas including enclosed kitchen cabinets and dark corners of your house.
  • Have you used mouse traps recently? If yes, have you eliminated all the mice successfully? The pungent smell can originate from three sources including urine, droppings, or a dead mouse. If you recently used best mouse poison products or the best mouse traps to kill the mice, it’s possible that the smell you’re experiencing is as a result of a decaying mouse! If you’re sure that you disposed of all the dead mice, then it’s time to clean all the surfaces to eliminate mouse urine and droppings.

While it is hard to differentiate between the mouse odors and smell originating from other sources, some obvious signs confirm the presence of mice in your house.

You should watch out for the following two indicators:

  1. A nose-burning sensation especially when you approach regions of higher odor concentration. While the ammonia concentration on the mouse urine, between 0.5% and 1.5%, is considered harmless, a buildup of the waste without cleaning results in a high concentration that has the potential to cause a burning sensation on the skin. This scenario mostly affects the nostrils due to the skin sensitivity and strong sense of smell in the nose.
  2. Look for stains. Mouse urine has high calcium levels which may leave white deposits when dry. Such coloration is a clear indication that the strong smell you’ve recently experienced is indeed a mouse smell.

What does mouse urine smell like?

Mouse Pee AreaJust like all the other animals, mice urinate frequently. The primary components of the rodent’s urine are water and urea. The longer it stays unwashed, the stronger the ammonia-like smell becomes. The increased concentration of the smell results from a breakdown of the nitrogen-rich urea into ammonia which has a pungent smell.

What do mouse droppings smell like?

Mouse dropping does not present a striking odor. It has a faint unpleasant odor when flesh but the smell disappears once the poop dries. After approximately one week, the droppings may disintegrate which can lead to increased poop-dust inhalation. If an individual is allergic to dust, a problem may arise with frequent exposure to the dust. As such, you should ensure that you clean up immediately you spot them. You can get vital tips on cleaning up mouse droppings by visiting this link.


Removing the mouse odor is a crucial process in restoring the comfort in your house as well as minimizing respiratory health complications that may result from long-term inhalation of ammonia. The process involves cleaning, disinfection, and placing either synthetic or natural odor removals or neutralizers.

Rid Dead Animal Odor
Rid Dead Animal Odor

Once you achieve the three steps, you can be sure that the mouse odor menace will be a thing of the past. It’s, however, critical to ensure that you prevent a mice re-infestation to avoid recurrence of the problem. If you’re either too occupied or lack the confidence to carry out the necessary odor elimination procedures, you should invite professional cleaners to help you restore sanity to your house. Ignoring the problem and hoping that it’ll resolve with time is a costly mistake. You shouldn’t be tempted to take that route since the problem will only compound, and will eventually require more time, effort, and money to resolve. As such, you should handle the problem heads on at the earliest opportunity!

How to get rid of mouse urine smell

Getting rid of the mouse smell is procedural and may take some time.

You should carefully follow the following critical steps to ensure a complete removal of the odor:

  1. Ensure complete elimination of mice from your house. If you try other removal methods before addressing the root cause, you’ll labor in futility. The mice will repeatedly excrete leading to recurrence of the problem. Read here how to get rid of mice.
  2. Clean the house. After your elimination efforts, it’s possible that a mouse took the poisonous bait and died. The dead mouse can wreak havoc in your house if you fail to throw it into a tightly covered bin. It starts decomposing and produces a repelling stench with time. As such, you should strive to rid your house of dead rodents. You can learn more about it by visiting this link.
  3. Disinfect your house. Apart from the smell, mice droppings and urine carries harmful microorganisms that can lead to fatal illnesses. As such, it’s critical that you thoroughly disinfect your house. The process will be highly beneficial in removing the smell that the mice leave behind. In some cases, the stench may take quite some time before it’s eliminated. This calls for frequent clean-ups with a bleaching agent as well as plenty of water and soap. You should prepare the bleaching agent by mixing 1/2 cup of bleach with five cups of the agent solution after which you spray it on all the surfaces and let it settle for fifteen minutes.
  4. Use fragrant substances to get rid of the smell. While this is a temporary solution, it’s critical in helping you maneuver through the cleaning process. It also aids in restoring your confidence of hosting visitors without much worry of disquiet among them. There are many fragrant substances that you can apply including; scented candles, bags of potpourri, or other forms of air fresheners.

Ways to remove

The first step to eliminating the foul smell involves the cleaning of the areas that had been infested by the rodents. Once you identify the regions, you should flood them with a 10% bleaching agent for a minimum of five minutes. You should then use detergents and plenty of water to clean the place and dry it using a clean towel. Once you clean the house, you should use scented materials to introduce a nice smell into your house. The most fundamental principle, however, is to ensure that you seal all the entry points to prevent the mice from coming back.

Get Rid of Mouse Smell In My Car: How should I do it?

Having a mouse smell in your car can be frustrating especially during the winters when sliding down the windows is out of the question, forcing you to put up with the stench! You, therefore, would need a fast method of getting rid of the smell, right? Well, you’ll need to first address the primary cause of the stench (removal of the mice from the car) before you embark on the freshening up of the car. Find more information by clicking on this link.

The following steps will guide you through a successful mouse odor removal system:

  • Look out for a dead mouse. There is a probability that there is a decomposing mouse inside your car which could be the source of the smell. If you find it, you should not touch it with your bare hands. Instead, you should make a 10% bleaching solution and spray it on the dead mouse. Let it settle for approximately 15 minutes and then remove it and throw it in a tightly sealed container.

    Always wear rubber or latex gloves when handling mice!
  • Removing urine and droppings. Once you remove the mice, you should ensure complete elimination of their waste products including the urine and droppings. The substances contribute significantly to the smell in your car and their removal is a necessary milestone to achieving a stench-free car. Use strong bleach before handling the excretory products directly to enhance your safety. You should then use disinfectants, water, soap, and a piece of cloth to clean your car’s interior thoroughly. You may want a professional cleaner to carry out this process if you feel inadequate.
    Cleaning interior
  • Vacuum clean. After you’re through with cleaning using the bleach and detergents, you should clean the car carpet, the seats, and the gears using a vacuum cleaner. This removes all the dust and ensures a clean and safe interior. Ensure that you perform this task outdoors for proper aeration.
    Cleaning your auto

You should then use fragrant products as detailed below.

Best Products for Your Car

There are numerous products that you can use to eliminate the mouse odor from your car including:

  1. Vinegar. Placing a bowl of vinegar inside your car may just be the magic you’ve been looking for! You can also spray it on all the interiors. Leave it for five minutes and then clean using a soft, clean towel.

    Vinegar is corrosive and can destroy leather substances. As such, you should never apply it to your leather interiors! Instead, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of vinegar and apply it using a spray bottle.
  2. Commercial odor absorbers and neutralizers. Place an odor absorber or neutralizer inside your vehicle. These substances are aimed at absorbing and removing the odor rather than masking it. You can purchase them from your nearest store.

    Such products include:

    • Auto-Chem Industrial Odor Absorber Air Freshener Sponge (7072) 2 Kg/4.8 Lbs. The product is uniquely designed with fresh pine scent for unmatched fragrance.
      Odor Absorber by Auto-Chem
    • OdoBan Pet Solid Odor Absorber & Air Freshener, 8 Ounce. This comes with two scents; eucalyptus and wildflower released constantly to maintain the fragrance.
      Solid Odor Absorber by OdoBan
  3. Natural odor absorbers. These are substances that you can acquire easily from home.

    They include the following:

    • Sliced onions
    • Baking soda
    • Activated charcoal
    • Un-brewed coffee grounds
    • A bowl of vinegar

    Infographic: Natural absorbers

Ensure that you place these natural adsorbents and let them remain inside your car for approximately one day for a guaranteed mouse odor removal. After removing them, you should place a mint freshener which serves two purposes; to maintain the fragrance and repel mice from your car.

Homeowners have, for a long time, been searching for information on how to get rid of mouse smell due to the embarrassment that the problem causes them. The unpleasant smell is also a health hazard which increases the need to rectify the problem as quickly as you can.