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How to Get Rid of Pigeons

how to get rid of pigeons

There is no doubt about it – pigeons are cute and really fun to feed. However, as soon as these nice-looking birds are on the roof of your house or near your property they can be pretty troublesome and can cause damage to your house and car with their droppings and nests.

So, how to stop them before they ruin your property and life? In this article, we’ll provide you with useful info on how to keep pigeons away. Check out the best methods to prevent these birds from nesting on your house and find out how to remove them effectively.

Pigeon problems: Why these birds can be dangerous

Pigeons on your roofMost of us don’t object to pigeons unless they are present in large numbers. Pigeons’ droppings may ruin vegetation, damage property such as statues, benches, cars and buildings and what’s more produce an objectionable odor.

A few centuries ago pigeon droppings were seen as extremely valuable.

Droppings that are combined with feathers and nests may block vents and downspouts on buildings. Finally, large accumulations of droppings may cause several fungal diseases in humans. And if you don’t want to deal with mites and parasites that are carried by pigeons it’s time to embrace some efficient pigeons’ control solutions.

Excellent ways of getting rid of pigeons

How to remove pigeons? Start from prevention. Modify your house so as not to attract them. How to do it? Limit available food and water. This will help you to reduce problems caused by pigeons nesting or roosting in and around buildings and structures.

At first, pigeons lived in high places – ledges, cliffs and caves – that provided them with safety.
As time went on, they have adapted to nesting and roosting on windowsills, eaves, roofs, steeples and other structures.

Pigeon infestation often occurs on rooftops of structures, ledges, and other convenient-for-them surfaces. To keep them away use sonic repellent devices like:

  • Bird-X - QuadBlaster QB-4 ProductBird-X – QuadBlaster QB-4 Product Video
    Cost: $556.75
    Where to buy: at
    This ultrasonic bird repeller is an easy-to-install product that emits sounds to disorient, scare and confuse birds away from the treated area.
  • BroadBand PRO with VisualsBroadBand PRO with Visuals
    Cost: $895.00
    Where to buy: at
    Benefits: The following bird control system includes three best selling visual scares. With the help of this repeller pigeons will surely relocate away and go back to the natural environment.

Getting rid of sparrows is not an easy-to-do task. But if you will read this effective information you will surely find a solution on how to make your property sparrow-free.

What is the most effective way to keep pigeons away?

It would be wrong to state – there is only one effective way to keep them away. When they are on your roof they can cause a lot of problems. So, how to get rid of pigeons on your roof and on your property?

Purchase a “Scare-owl”

This scaring device is a good solution for those who want to scare pigeons from their roosting sites on roof areas or in order to protect buildings or properties. We suggest buying the following:

  • Wind Powered Plastic Action Owl Decoy
    Cost: $11.70
    Benefits: The following owl has a moving head and therefore is more successful than the one with no moving parts.
    Where to use: Plastic action decoy owls can be used in multiple places (locations) and many other buildings and properties. It is effectively used to activate pigeon’s instinctive fear of predators. The owl has bobbing and rotating head that moves in just the gentlest of breezes.
    Wind Powered Plastic Action Owl Decoy
  • Fake Plastic Owl Bird DeterrentFake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent
    Cost: $5.95
    Where to use: These fake owl bird deterrents are commonly used in any area where pigeons are a problem. They are often used to protect parks, roofs, schools, balconies, gardens and many other buildings.

Owl Bird Deterrent has reflective eyes and distinguished owl features and can successfully deter pigeons and other pest species.

Use barriers

Barriers are the best way to keep these birds from occupying window air-conditioning units, ledges, and similar areas. To achieve this:

  • Install wood or sheet metal blocks at a 60-degree angle.
  • Place a piece of plastic mesh netting (rolled-up) over the area.
  • Install pigeon netting to block off indoor nesting and roosting areas.

Be careful when working high above the ground. Make sure the barriers can’t fall and injure a passerby.

If pigeons drop debris and nest material above the newly installed barrier – add an additional barrier above the installation.

Remove falling leaves and anything else that can cover the barrier. Regularly check the covered areas for nest material or debris.

Block up attics

Pigeon in atticThis will help you to make it impossible for pigeons to build their nests. No place to build the nest – no pigeons!

Place traps

Placing traps is one more popular way to go. If pigeons continue to be your safety concern, trapping them is the best solution. There are different models of pigeon’s traps on the market.

Consider one of the following:

  • Tomahawk's single door live pigeon trapSingle Door Extra Large Live Pigeon Trap by Tomahawk
    Cost: $92.01
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    Benefits: The trap holds up to 30 pigeons. Repeating trap door – that allows multiple pigeon trappings – is one of its main benefits.
  • Tomahawk's double door pigeon trapDouble Door Rigid Live Pigeon Trap by Tomahawk
    Cost: $87.00
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    How to use: The trap should be baited with water source placed inside or near it. The trap is able to catch several pigeons at once, and this is the main reason of its popularity.
  • ePest Solutions repeating pigeon control trapRepeating Pigeon Control Trap by ePest Solutions
    Cost: $72.40
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    For optimal trapping conditions, you are to pre-bait the area where this trap will be placed for several days before the pigeon trap is introduced. Remember to always check the trap on a daily basis.
  • Humane pigeon trap safeguardHumane Pigeon Trap Safeguard
    Cost: $119.51
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    The trap has 8 entry doors and holds up to thirty pigeons. Once they enter, they can’t get out.
    A tip to consider: Keep a water source inside the trap. Bait the trap – use whole kernel corn – to catch the birds.

How to remove pigeons choosing the most effective products

If someone says there is not much you can do about pigeon problems in your house or in your garden, he’s wrong. There are many effective ways to go. We suggest the following options:

Repellents – why not to use them?

As far as pigeons often live in flocks or packs, getting rid of them is often a puzzling task. So, how to deter pigeons? Use repellents. Focus on surface repellents. When a pigeon gets the sensation of being stuck – pigeons have sensitive legs – this bird will quickly give word to his followers to look for some other area.

Consider buying the following products:

  • Bird Proof repellent gelBird-X Bird Proof Repellent Gel
    Cost: $79.97
    Where to buy: available at Walmart
    Where to use: The product can be effectively used on sills, ledges, rafters, beams and other locations where pigeons land or roost.
    How to use: Apply the gel to roosting surfaces.
  • Tanglefoot bird repellentTanglefoot bird repellent
    Cost: $8.31
    Where to buy: available at Walmart and on Amazon
    How it works: This clear odorless product repels nuisance birds. The gel is safe and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or poisons. You can use it for domestic, industrial, farming and commercial applications.
    Effectiveness: Effective for up to one year.
Male and female pigeons share responsibilities of caring for young.

Light and sound deterrents

Stop pigeon damage now. Agree, bright shafts and reflective colors do a good job of keeping the nuisance birds away. We suggest buying the following:

  • Bird repellent scare tapeBird Repellent Scare Tape by De-Bird
    Cost: $14.95
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    How it works: With this product you can put a stop to horrible pigeon mess. Hang the tape next to the; problem area – its effects are instant – no longer will you have to clean up after pigeons and other birds. The product is non-toxic. It uses natural sound deterrents and light to keep your property more safe from bird damage. This set-and-forget bird repellent tape doesn’t require you to remove it.
    Benefits: It’s much cheaper than other repellent products and there is no need to relocate it.
  • Holographic bird scare ribbon100 ft Holographic Bird Scare Ribbon
    Cost: $9.99
    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    How does it work: reflective tape with moving hologram helps to protect gardens – grape vines, fruit trees – as it flashes dramatically in the sunlight.
    How to use: stretch along garden rows.
    Benefits: the product is cost-effective, durable and non-toxic.

Have you noticed crows on your property? Don’t know how to deter them? Read this to know!

How to kill pigeons: shooting and poisoning methods

First of all, it should be mentioned that any action taken to control pigeons on a property is the legal responsibility of the owner. Although pest control companies provide effective pigeon control services, contractors can be unfamiliar with the law.

If a contractor offends against law whilst acting on the client’s property – on behalf of the client – it is the client (owner) that will be held legally responsible for all the actions of the contractor.

There are different ways to kill pigeons. Below there are some of them:

  1. Pigeons shootingShooting
    Frankly speaking, this method is time-consuming and is mostly used in rural areas. Shooting should be used only in case if you are an experienced marksman and can kill the bird with 1 shot. Perhaps you don’t want to deal with injured pigeons that are often much more of a hazard than the live ones and can be infected with parasites and diseases.
  2. Avitrol pigeons poisonPoisoning
    Most people are wondered how to poison pigeons? In fact, using poisoned-bait method is not a good idea. Pigeon poisoning may cause additional problems to wildlife and people in the area.
    A poisoned bird may be eaten by scavenging wildlife or by a household pet and in turn, kill an unintended animal.
    In most countries, the use of poison baits is strictly controlled and a specific license must be applied in respect of each application. The most common poison used for pigeon’s removal is Avitrol – that is extensively used in America.
    Dead pigeon by Avitrol KillsAlthough, most manufacturers suggest that the poison is only a “chemical frightening agent”, in reality it can kill virtually every bird that takes the bait. When digested by the pigeons, Avitrol affects the central nervous system and causes several hours of epileptic-type reactions. Therefore it would be better to consult with bird control companies before using such products. Remember, there is no need to kill pigeons as you can easily deter them with special products.

As you see pigeon eradication can become a pretty puzzling task – if you apply no efforts – and an easy task if you consider our efficient tips.