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How to Get Rid of Possums

how to get rid of possums

Naturally everyone’s backyard is filled with different pests and insects that are to be eliminated. Luckily most of them aren’t very dangerous or hard to kill, but there are also those ones that come by and become the source of diseases and danger for your family and pets.

Possums belong to this type. And that’s why knowing how to eliminate them becomes a burning topic for most garden owners.

Here we will provide some thorough answers to the questions you have. Read and learn about the treatment options safe for you, but dangerous for them.

Make sure you take control over the situation before possums do it.

What Does the Process of Getting Rid of Possums Include?

When there are any risks for their appearance around your property, you should think about preventive measures. Agree that prevention is a much better solution than searching for the answer how fast to get rid of nasty possums in the yard.

Prevention is a perfect approach. It never includes too much.
Keep the territory clean, buildings sealed shut and foods indoors. This will encourage possums not to enter your house, attic, etc.

Possums removal processHowever, the main problem is that most preventive techniques fail, as these creatures are too obtrusive and have many reasons to use your place as their home.

So, let’s see how to get rid of dangerous possums in your yard effectively:

  • Possum-proofing the territory.
    What does this step include? You are to start eliminating unnecessary debris like deep leaf litter, fallen trees, unused equipment or unused cars. It is essential to keep the grass cut short, trim bushes up from the soil, etc. Make sure you’ve trimmed all tree branches that hang over your house or touch it. Cover all possible accessible areas under porches, sheds, and outbuildings. Fill them with rocks and use hardware cloth to block them.
  • Getting rid of shelters.

    Rake up all brush piles that are around your property. This is one of the easiest alternatives for how to get rid of several possums in your yard. If there are any wood piles, you’d better keep them in a shed or tight shelter.

    Make sure all garages, woodsheds and boathouses are properly closed.

    Possums hide out under low decks. So they should also be protected with a metal barrier.
  • Proper fencing.
    Electric and woven wire fencing is pretty often used for possum control.
    How do you get rid of possums fast? Use fencing that is 4 feet high. Its top foot must face outwards and away from the garden for preventing animals from climbing over. When you choose electric fencing, its height should be 3-4 inches over the top.
  • Eliminating open spaces.
    Check not only your garden but also your home, where possums may hide. An inviting crack or hole should be covered with ¼ -inch grid screening. Sometimes insect screening is used over the vents. Repair holes in window screens, door screens and deck lattices.

How Effective Are Possum Repellents?

As for today, most repellent products have too little effect and must be applied in very high concentrations, which is rather dangerous.

There are many repellants and poisons at stores, but 75% of them do not really work.
Their smell is very strong, besides some types are really expensive.

Here is the list of cheap and effective ones that can be freely tried out in your backyard:

  1. D-Ter possum repellentMothballs. Place them around your garden. They work keeping possums away. In many cases this solution is very effective.
  2. D-Ter and Scat. They are special powders diluted in water. When mixed they make a special liquid spray. Such solutions work on the sense of smell and taste of nasty animals and can be applied around the area or to the plants.
  3. Ammonia. Pour some of it into a coffee can with an old rag in it. Soon the rag will start working as a wick dispersing the fumes. We suggest placing as many cans as possible to eliminate possums in your garden.
  4. Spikes. This is another popular way of elimination. Many spikes are made of clear polycarbonate. Their length is 600 mm, so they can be attached to surfaces with glue, screws, cable ties or nails.

How to Use Possum Traps?

Possum traps settingWhen it comes to possums’ elimination, setting traps is the best way to do it.

After being trapped and removed, they never come back, so there is no chance you’re going to have any problem with the same animal once again. Though there are risks that others will come.

As for today, there are three basic types of traps that help those, who want to learn how to get rid of numerous possums under your house or around it:

  1. Live Capture Traps. These are live capture cage traps that are available in most supply stores. Traditionally they are used in urban areas with high risks of possums.
    Just leave traps outside for several days before you start using them. Then set traps near the plants that were damaged by these animals or beside their runs. It is recommended to place a trap on the firm ground.
    The trap should face the direction that the possums are likely to approach from.
    Attach the bait (carrot, apple, kiwifruit) to the trigger and set the trap lifting the door and then holding it open. Insert a trip pin far enough in order to prevent releasing the door.
  2. Leg-Hold Traps. They are set where the animals travel, rarely beside trees. Rub the lure behind that rap in order to attract the possums. Make sure that the chain is connected to a firm object with as short a length as it is possible. Place it on the ground and clear away the area around the trap to prevent the injuries of struggling animals.
  3. Kill Traps. They are rarely used. These are lightweight cages, cheap, but easy to set and use. They are created for pretty effective control of possums in a moderate-sized area like backyards and gardens.
    Very popular examples of this sort of trap are Timms kill traps. They are set on the solid ground and secured by been pegged to it.
    If there are pets around and you don’t want them to be injured, attach the cage to a tree, roof or fence. For this purpose, you can drill a hole into the trap’s sides, thread a cord through and tie the cage to a branch.
Leg hold cages get hold of the possum’s leg, and the kill traps choke the animal to death.

LIve traps to catch a possumWhile choosing a trap, opt for a live capture one. When the animal gets caught, it should be removed immediately.

Just take a trap by truck or car at least 5-6 miles away from your house and garden, and open a cage there.

The animal will leave the trap after it is opened and be sure that you will never see it again. This is a humane way of eliminating the animals from your life, but saving theirs.

How to Catch a Possum: the Bait

As you see, there are several popular techniques that allow controlling possums. Though these animals run away, soon they can come back, after the work of repellent is done. This is when trapping becomes handy. So, how to catch these nasty creatures?

They are easy to catch. Set a 10x12x32 cage trap or a simple raccoon-sized trap in the place, where you’ve noticed any damage or the animal itself. Remember that it is impossible to bait it with pretty much anything. These are opportunistic scavengers and feeders. But still, there are some baits that work better than others and prevent the catch of a home pet.

Re-read the section above to make sure you know what possums are attracted by most of all.

How to Trap a Possum: Relocation

How to catch and relocat a possumWhere to set the trap? Just in front of those places, where you’ve already seen possums’ activity.

If you are looking for a proper cage, choose possum traps at Home Depot. They suggest different variants. Make sure you’ve chosen the right possum trap bait.

After the animal is trapped follow all local laws regarding the release of the animal in any other locations. Today there are many specific laws on relocating wildlife in your area. Make sure that the area is away from those places where the animal can become a problem again. However, this should be a place where it can find resources in order to sustain itself.

Now you know that elimination of possums from your place can become a pretty hard task if you apply no efforts, or an easy-to-do task, if you consider our tips.

Choose the solution that is optimal for you and try it out to discourage these animals from penetrating your property one more time.