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How to Get Rid of Seagulls

how to get rid of seagulls

Gulls may not seem to be a HUGE problem until they are gathering in large numbers on business premises or the roof of your home. Most people are tired of seagulls’ noise as well as the mess and damage the birds left behind. If you are a boat/dock owner or a homeowner – anyone with a serious seagull problem – you’ve come to the right place.

We know how to make your property seagull-free. We’ll provide you with excellent tips and working products that will transform the safe-and-comfortable-for-seagulls environment into an area they avoid.

Check out how to beat seagulls with extensively tested solutions and find out what deterrents you can use to protect your boat and property from seagulls’ mess and damage.

Basic Information: Distribution, Nesting and Migration

Description: Gulls or seagulls are usually grey or white, typically medium to large birds of the family Laridae. Gulls often have black markings on their heads or wings. Most seagulls are ground-nesting carnivores taking live food – crabs, small fish – or scavenge opportunistically.

Distribution:  Having a cosmopolitan distribution, seagulls breed on every continent. They are even found in the high Arctic. Seagulls are less common on tropical islands.

There are at least 28 species of seagulls in North America.

Seagulls basic informationNesting: These seabirds nest in noisy, densely-packed, large colonies. Gulls lay 2 to 3 speckled eggs in composed-of-vegetation nests.

Intelligence:  Gulls are intelligent birds. They are inquisitive and resourceful demonstrating a highly developed social structure and complex methods of communication. Many seagull colonies display mobbing behavior attacking would-be intruders and predators.

Migration: Most species are migratory but the extent to which seagulls migrate varies by species.

Diet, Feeding and Breeding

Seagull on roofSeagulls are highly adaptable feeders that take a wide range of prey. So, what do they eat? The food taken by seagulls includes fish and marine, terrestrial arthropods and invertebrates such as rodents, insects, eggs, earthworms, reptiles, plant items, and even other birds.

These smart seabirds display great versatility in how they get prey – on water, on land or in the air.

Most seagulls breed only once a year and have predictable breeding seasons that last for 3 to 5 months. These large and noisy birds defend their territories/areas from rivals of both sexes through aerial attacks and calls.

Problems you may experience

Gulls during their nesting season are the noisiest and the most aggressive birds. While these seabirds historically pose gull control problems in the coastal regions, more seagulls are now moving into built-up locations to nest.

Seagulls are protected by law in most parts of the United States as well as worldwide. Therefore it is recommended to use human treatments to keep them away.
These days, there are many effective, human products available on the market that can humanely crack the seagull problem.

Seagulls problemsBird mess, excessive noise, bird fouling, insect infestations, and damage to properties are the main reasons gulls are considered to be a bird pest. Gulls are often feared by tourists because these birds can carry diseases, parasites, and germs including E.Coli, Salmonella.

Seagulls’ waste can carry fungal infections and Psittacosis. So, how to keep seagulls away?

How to Beat Seagulls with Human and Extensively Tested Bird Control Solutions

Terror Eyes, Gator Guard, Flock Buster, and Bird Wire products are very effective when it comes to human seagull control. The products are available on the market. These cost-effective, safe and human solutions are the best choices for your seagull problem.

Purchase the following:

1. Gator Guard

Gator GuardIt is a realistic moving predator head that floats on top of water. Birds think that they are being followed.

Price: $67.60

Where to buy: at Bird-X

How it works: Gator Guard – with mirrored eyes – moves with the wind and effectively scares water birds.

Effectiveness: Effective wherever visible. The product is easy-to-use and install and 100% effectively scares off seagulls and other water birds.


  • 3-dimensional Gator Guard head is clearly visible from any angle.
  • Easy-to-use product.
  • Life-like Gator Guard eyes flash in the sunlight.
  • Gator Guard saves bodies of water and surrounding areas from seagull’s damage and mess.

Ideal for use at: ponds, pools and water gardens.

2. Terror Eyes

Terror EyesIt is inexpensive and effective visual scare device that creates the illusion of a predator.

Price: $50.65

Where to buy: at Bird-X

How it works:  Holographic Terror eyes feature mimic natural predators. Deterrent moves in the wind and increases the moving effect.

Effectiveness: This money-saving seagull deterrent is really effective wherever visible.

Ideal for use at: parks, public spaces and golf courses.

3. Bird wire

Bird wireIt is a humane, discreet and highly-effective seagull control solution for signs, ledges, beams and other long surfaces.

Where to buy: at Bird-X

Installation: Interested in having the product installed on your property? Contact Bird-X for absolutely free expert consultation.

How it works: This stainless steel bird deterrent prevents gulls from landing on building ledges and other long surfaces that attract pest birds.

Recommendations: It is recommended to use bird wire on long, exposed ledges.

4. Flock Buster Plus Seagull Additive

Flock BusterIt is an excellent seagull repellent.

Price: $34.50

Where to buy: at

Safety: Flock Buster plus Seagull Additive is 100% biologically and ecologically safe – EPA FIFRA Exempt.  Concentrate includes ingredients that discourage seagull roosting, nesting, feeding, and flocking behavior.

Tired of seagulls’ mess? Use safe and effective product to discourage these birds.  Flock Buster products are one of the safest seagull control solutions.
These products are 100% ecologically safe. What’s more, they are recognized by the federal government as being environmentally friendly.

How it works:  Flock Buster product’s formula contains an additive that efficiently repels seagulls.

Where to use: The product is best used in small areas – in your yard, boat lift/dock – on a small beach or a direct location on a building.

Benefits: Safe to use around children and adults. The product leaves little to no visual residue.

How to make your boat gull-free: Seagull deterrents for boats

If your boat is one of your most prized possessions, the last thing you want is sensitive surfaces to be damaged by seagulls’ droppings. We suggest using the following products that are designed specifically for boat owners.

SCS Wind Powered Seagull Deterrent

It is an excellent spinning visual deterrent that is effectively used to prevent seagulls from landing on boats as well as on chimneys, cars and other surfaces about 8 ft square or less.

SCS Wind Powered Seagull Deterrent

Price: From $55 to $70

Where to buy: at

Visual deterrents can effectively control noisy seagulls.

How it works: The product features reflective predator eyes to scare gulls from coming near the treated area.

Varieties: The kit comes in 4 varieties depending on the area you are protecting.

SCS Seagull Deterrent Spider Kit

SCS Seagull Deterrent Spider KitIt is an effective and durable mounting system seagull/bird deterrent for boats, cars, chimneys and vents.

Price: from $55

Where to buy: at

How it works: The long, spider, high tensile wires shake and shimmer in the slightest breeze or movement. Seagulls can’t stand the effect and won’t land near or under the wires.

Boats – like any other surface near the water – provide a good roost for seagulls.
To prevent gulls from landing on your boat, place bird spikes along sail booms so they can’t land.

Daddi Long Legs

Daddi Long LegsIt’s deters gulls and other large birds from landing in open spaces.

Where to buy: at Bird Barrier.

Where to use: boat canopies, rooftops, decks, booms, street lights.

How it works: Thin, stainless steel rods wave menacingly and rotate in the breeze interfering with seagulls as they attempt to land.

Benefits: It is a humane product with plastic tips to prevent injury to birds or humans.

Top 4 woodpecker control productsWant to know top 4 woodpecker control products? Want to take control over these noisy birds damaging your property? Here is how to do it.

Getting your property sparrow-free is possible if you will use excellent human traps. Find out all info on the best-selling sparrow traps that can effectively remove your sparrow problem.

Want to prevent troublesome seagulls from roosting or landing? Purchase Mega Spikes. The latest information on excellent bird spikes you can find right here.

Eagle Eye and Flash Flag

Eagle Eye and Flash FlagEffectively deters seagulls and other birds from unwanted areas with the help of light beams reflected from artificial light and direct sunlight.

Price: $743.65

Where to buy: at Bird Barrier

Where to use: open areas.

How it works: The light spectrum reflected back disorients seagulls in flight by limiting gulls’ vision significantly. That’s why birds fly to another destination.

Now you know that seagull deterrents can effectively crack your gull problem. No more pollution in offices, cars, homes, and boats. Use electronic devices – both sonic and ultrasonic, visual deterrents like Terro Eyes and purchase Bird Spikes. Remember, a multi-sensory approach brings the best results.