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How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

Everyone knows – relaxing in a house that smells like skunks is really difficult. Skunk odor may become a huge problem if the smell transfers to walls and furniture in the home.

While a quick bath can remove some of the skunk’s oils, the odor generally remains stronger than most homeowners want.

What to do if sprayed by a skunk? How to remove skunk odors on humans, dogs, in house, car and air? Get relief with our smart tips and find out what products will help you to remove disgusting skunk smell. Neutralize the remaining odor with human solutions and smart tips any homeowner needs to know.

Skunk Smell: Helpful Tips You Need to Know

Dreadful skunk smell can be very unpleasant for everyone. Here are the answers to all the burning questions you have.

How long does skunk smell last?

Skunk smell can last up to a monthFrankly speaking, if left untreated, it can last up to a month. If a skunk has died near or under your home, skunk scent will linger far longer.

Home remedies: Are they effective?

Skunk smell home remediesYou may have heard of skunk spray smell remedy like tomato juice and vinegar. If you also think that you can use tomato juice as odor neutralizer then you are wrong. This remedy will only mask the skunk smell temporarily.

Most of the household remedies are ineffective against skunk odor.

No matter what home remedy you use, it is virtually impossible to remove every trace of smell because most pets are sprayed in the face and it’s always puzzling to clean that area thoroughly without getting special skunk spray shampoo or eye solutions.

What to do if sprayed by a skunk?

Sprayed by a skunkWhether you are not paying attention to where you are walking or your kid runs outside to pet the striped kitty, there is a chance you or your child will get sprayed by a skunk.

What to do in this situation? In case of minor eye irritation, flush the eyes with lukewarm water for a couple minutes. To remove the smell use commercial cleaners that can be found at local outdoor stores.

Is it harmful?

SkunksNot only skunk spray can be odorous but it can be harmful as well in case your pets are sprayed with it directly in the eyes or mouth. Skunk spray can cause nausea, vomiting and temporarily blindness. If your cat or dog has been sprayed with a huge amount of skunk musk, get the pet to the vet.

Are you in search of a skunk repellent? Read this and you will no longer ask yourself how to repel these smelly animals.

How to remove skunk odor on dogs

Skunk odor on dogsThere is no doubt about it – dogs love sticking their noses in things. When your curious pet discovers a skunk and tries to play, it may be in for a smelly surprise.

The foul-smelling fluid – produced by the skunk’s anal scent glands – is used as a defense against predators.

Offensive odors are caused by thiols – sulphur compounds – which are made in the skunk oil.
Sulphur compounds together with other components in the skunk oil stink to high heaven and cause the smell to stick to skin, fur clothing and everything it contacts.

Many curious dogs get a blast of skunk’s liquid deterrent right in their face. They say home remedies for skunk smell are effective. But whether they work varies by individual.

A dog that has been sprayed by a skunk will have:

  • Watery or red-from-irritation eyes;
  • A soaking wet face.

Dog and skunkIf your dog will come into the house after getting sprayed, the skunk scent could be transferred all over your property, including onto your flooring, carpet, furniture, clothes and more. Act quickly and keep your skunk-sprayed dog outdoors so the pet doesn’t run into the house to rub his face all over your furniture.

So, what is the best way to get rid of skunk smell on dogs?

  • Apply soothing eyewash solution
    Wrap the dog in a towel and bathe his eyes with available-from-your drugstore soothing eyewash solution.
  • Give the pet a bath time
    Shampoo your poor dog thoroughly – preferably outdoors. To protect your skin from odor, wear latex gloves.

Let’s focus on the products that can help you to eliminate skunk smell on dogs. Here’s what you can use:

Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover

Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor RemoverIt is effective skunk odor eliminator that uses a powerful formula to break down found-in-skunk-spray oils and effectively neutralize skunk odors.

Cost: $7.55

Where to buy: at

How it works: This efficient skunk smell shampoo doesn’t mask skunk odors – it eliminates them entirely.

Application: The product can be applied directly to your pet as well as the fabrics and materials they contact.

Effectiveness: The product is effective and works great on pets, clothing, carpets, pet bedding, hard wood surfaces, carriers, kennels and more.

Don’t wait until a skunk attack happens to purchase a special skunk odor remover.
Keeping a bottle of skunk odor eliminator at home will help you to effectively and quickly deal with a smelly problem.

Clean Plus Green DeSkunk Coat Cleaner for Dogs

Clean Plus Green DeSkunk Coat Cleaner for DogsEco-friendly product that eliminates skunk odor from your affected pet on contact.

Cost: $9.99

Where to buy: on Amazon

How it works: Clean+Green DeSkunk Coat Cleaner works great by chemically bonding with the skunk oil to immediately stop the dreadful skunk odor.

Application: The product is easy to use. No need to soak, scrub or rinse – just spray.

Effectiveness: Cleans and eliminates the source of the skunk odor – skunk oil.

How to use: Spray directly on your dog’s coat and rub affected areas thoroughly. Allow coat to dry. For surfaces – carpets, clothing, floors, furniture etc. – spray on affected areas.

Best-selling products to remove disgusting skunk odor

Want to eliminate skunk odors at the source? Then you need to purchase skunk odor neutralizer products. Get the skunk smell out of the bedclothes, rugs, dog bed etc. with these effective solutions:

  1. Skunk Odor Neutralizer by Bio WorldSkunk Odor Neutralizer by Bio World – a liquid formulation that neutralizes unpleasant odors making them undetectable to humans’ sense of smell. If skunk odor is in the home we recommend using the solution with a fogger.

    Cost: $25.95

    Where to buy: on Amazon

    How it works: The product must be diluted before use. Mix it with distilled or purified water. Add the solution to laundry for dog bedding, towels and clothes that have the skunk smell.

    Carpet and Hard Floors: The product can be added to a carpet shampooer.

    Safety: Safe for humans and pets and on all water soluble surfaces. You can use it directly on pets.

    Skunks can spray their fluid deterrent up to 15 feet.
  2. Unique Natural Products Skunk Odor EliminatorUnique Natural Products Skunk Odor Eliminator – safely and effectively removes the skunk smell from your pets, house, furniture and anything else that got skunked.
    Cost: $19.61
    Where to buy: at Walmart
    Where to spray: The product can be sprayed directly on your pets, house, furniture and even the members of your family.
    How it works: safely and effectively eliminates skunk’s odor.
    Effectiveness: The product is effective cleaner and deodorizer.

Here is how to get rid of skunks quickly and effectively. Read our smart tips and choose the best method.

How to remove all traces of skunk spray from pets, people, cars, clothes, and homes

Whether you have a cat, dog, or any other favorite animal, be ready for your pet’s encounter with a pesky skunk. Having Skunk-Off shampoo ready at hand is a must. Let’s face it – you never know when a skunk may attack your dog or cat.

Victims of the skunk spray suffer difficulty in breathing, eye irritation and even vomiting.
If not properly washed off, the sticky, stinky skunk smell can remain for weeks.

As far as Skunk-Off shampoo’s ingredients are based on baby’s shampoos that don’t irritate eyes, you can give your cat or dog a nice bath, washing your pet all over the body.

Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker

Skunk-Off Liquid SoakerThe best solution for eliminating bad skunk smells. The product works in minutes and eliminates skunk odor permanently.

Price: $27.72

Where to buy: on Amazon

Where to use: This non-toxic and non-irritating product can be used on dogs, cats, home etc.

For best results with pets: Bathe with a skunk shampoo, apply, and allow your pet to air dry.

SKUNK All Natural Odor Remover by Magic-Zymes

SKUNK All Natural Odor Remover by Magic-ZymesHighly effective and fast-acting natural skunk odor remover for pet owners, breeders, groomers, animal shelters.

Price: $39.95 for 1 Gallon Bottle

Where to buy: on Amazon

Where to use: Ideal for use on animals, carpeting, furniture, in cars, crawl spaces etc.

Safety: The product is completely safe for use anywhere in and around the home, car, office, boat, truck and RV.

A skunk scent in the house can result from various things – such as a skunk nest beneath the porch or a sprayed pet – and the odor is often difficult to remove. To eliminate skunk odor, identify the source and use effective skunk odor removers.