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How to Get Rid of Snakes

how to get rid of snakes

A snake problem has always been up-to-date, especially for those, who live in rural areas. People are afraid to leave their places, go to bed when there is a possibility of having a reptile in a building. Are you that type of person? Don’t you think it’s high time you did at least something about that?

We’re going to help you in finding the way out! Here, we provide easy-to-use solutions that may help you in making your own house and garden isolated and quiet. It is really hard to believe that the solution is right on the surface, but we will show you there is nothing easier to be done. Find and act! Forget about fear and doubts! Feel safe and confident! This is your home, not theirs!


7 Steps Guide on How to Get Rid of Snakes from Your Yard

Have you ever had to deal with a snake infestation? If not, chances are you might be living in an area that doesn't have them. A few people think they're only dangerous because of their venom. However, there are plenty of other reasons why getting rid of snakes is crucial for families and pets alike.

Cats are predators of many snakes. If there’s a snake problem, consider getting one.

Snakes can get into your garden without too much effort on their end; it's up to you to make sure they don't stay long enough to do any damage! Here at, I want everyone to know how simple it can be to keep those pesky reptiles at bay with the following 7 steps.

  1. Step 1. Find the nest
    Step 1: Step 1. Find the nestTo chase any type of reptile away and to get rid of all garden snakes once and for all, you should find their nest and destroy it. Start inspecting the area around to look for shelters. Normally, they give their preference to well-hidden nooks and secluded corners, piles of wood, and compost holes. Even if there are no creatures inside, level the ground.

    • Approach the area from a safe distance and very slowly.
    • Watch for any evidence of a snake's presence.
    • Look for a deep hole or a pile of sticks.
    • Check where water collects, such as near pipes or drains.
    • Look under piles of leaves or stones, or see if there are animal droppings that could have been left behind by a foul-smelling reptile.
    Snakes can live in pretty much any place as long as they feel safe and hidden.
  2. Step 2. No garbage, No debris
    Step 2: Step 2. No garbage, No debrisWant to be successful in getting rid of snakes in your yard? Then stop accumulating garbage outside.

    Do you know that such places are just perfect hiding and feeding areas for many types of these nasty reptiles?

    Keep your backyard clean and remove debris, branches of trees, and dried leaves regularly. Make some landscape changes in the area to modify the environment.

  3. Step 3. Keep grass low
    Step 3: Step 3. Keep grass lowIt is not a secret that snakes adore tall grass as this is a hiding place of mice, rats, squirrels, crickets, and grasshoppers – their main food.

    To get rid of rattlesnakes, mow the lawn weekly! Be sure they won’t get along there.

    Try to remove unkempt grasses and weeds from around the foundation of your house to keep snakes away.

  4. Step 4. Eliminating compost heaps
    Step 4: Step 4. Eliminating compost heapsWhat for? They are perfect for hiding and leaving places in your backyard, attracting reptiles to your place. This is mainly why they should be removed at some safe distance.

    A safe distance from compost heaps would be at least 10 feet.
  5. Step 5. Erecting snake-proof fencing
    Step 5: Step 5. Erecting snake-proof fencingIt is another alternative of how to get rid of snakes in the backyard fast. A fence only 2-3 feet high made of fine wire mesh helps to prevent them from entering your yard and eventually your house.

    To erect the fence, you will need to purchase or create a frame. The wire mesh can then be attached to the frame. Make sure that the fence is at least 2-3 feet high to deter snakes from entering your yard.
  6. Step 6. Use mothballs
    Step 6: Step 6. Use mothballsPractically all types of snakes hate the smell of mothballs. So why not use this option in your garden right away? Don’t scatter the balls here and there. Just bury them into the soil in different parts of the yard instead. Though they may be toxic to nature, when used carefully, they help to keep snakes at a bay.

  7. Step 7. No cool places
    Step 7: Step 7. No cool placesSacks, bricks, and wood attract them as much as tall grass. Keep them far from your property, and dealing with snakes won’t be your problem anymore.

    When you decide to clear your property, be careful not to get bitten by any snakes. And remember, if you see a snake – DO NOT TOUCH IT!

In conclusion, following these simple steps can help to get rid of snakes in your garden and keep them from coming back. Such natural options give the feeling of relief not for long. But if they are followed regularly, dealing with reptiles never becomes an issue for the owner. Check them and decide which works for you.

By eliminating their food sources, making it difficult for them to hide, and using methods that deter them such as fencing or mothballs, you can successfully keep these reptiles at bay. Remember to always be safe when dealing with snakes, and if you are unsure of what to do, seek professional help.

Getting Rid of Snakes Naturally: Changing Your Lifestyle

Effective tips on getting rid of snakes around the houseThere is one rule everyone has forgotten about: modifying your habits you make snakes change theirs. When you regularly see reptiles around your house and property, it means that the conditions are favorable for them. The slightest modifications of the environment add to the control of infestation, discouraging them from living nearby.

This is how to get rid of dangerous snakes effectively and naturally:

  • Eliminate any tall stands of vegetation.
  • Remove piles of rocks, lumber, and other debris, as they are harboring smaller pests which snakes like eating.
  • Fill or cover up all entrances to rodent burrows, as they may attract snakes.

  • Control of rodents like rats and mice also results in greater elimination.
  • Make use of snake proof fences that are constructed around your home/garden. They keep most reptiles out. If they are made of fine mesh 24-46 inches high or buried several inches in the ground, they will soon prove their efficacy.

Remember that the only possible way to eliminate these reptiles is to catch them and then physically remove them from the property, whereas the only way of keeping them away is eliminating snake-friendly environment.

If there is a need to get rid of copperhead snakes, you should also think of creating the environment that will soon become unfavorable for them. Think of reducing their primer food sources, as this minimizes possible usurpation of your garden and yard. Try to keep landscaping beds and vegetation well-maintained and as far from all buildings as possible. This adds to ensuring of additional safety.

However, when to get rid of any black snakes or copperhead ones around appears to be too hard, call a control professional, as he for sure possesses both knowledge and tools that can easily address the problem and solve it.

How Is It Possible to Get Rid of Nasty Snakes with Mothballs?

Naphthalene mothballs for snakes removalThis cure of your problem is effective only in case these small creatures have already occupied only a small area, for example, behind the front steps. A small amount of the solution drives them out, but not for a long time. However, in most cases, it’s enough for sealing all holes and entrances.

Mothballs are made of naphthalene. This substance is delivered from tar and emits a highly toxic gas, which smells very unpleasantly to reptiles. In case you are using moth crystals, you’d better mix them with cat litter and then spread around the areas the snakes come from. OR you can also stuff nylon hose with mothballs and then place the hose into the areas of the garden and home that the snakes can use to invade.

The only possible recommendation is to be very careful while using this solution. The thing is the produced fumes are the triggers of some health problems, like the destruction of red blood cells, jaundice, and bowel difficulty. Dangerous vapors also lead to cancer. This is why most people give preference to some alternative best snake repellent products and best snake traps. Nevertheless, if this option seems to be attractive, make sure you wear a nasal mask.

How to Get Rid of all Snakes in the House

Getting rid of snakes around the houseFor so you know, getting rid of dangerous snakes in the house is pretty problematic. They say that a good beginning makes a good ending, so you must know what to start with.

Start inspecting the ventilation and foundation holes. If you’ve noticed they are bigger than? you have hung up, there are reptiles in your basement. Never leave your doors open hoping that they will leave on their own because they won’t.

If you’ve found the nest or a snake in your house, never try to handle it on your own, unless you have enough experience and can say for sure what type it is. For your information, the most venomous snakes are only garden snakes, and vice versa. The smallest snakes bring the most troubles. So, how to eliminate these snakes in your basement?

Never handle snakes unless you know what type you are dealing with.

  • Sealing up. Go around the building and search for the smallest openings that are too close to the ground. They allow a snake to enter the basement. If you have found such holes, barricade them immediately and close them off permanently.
  • Unsecured foods. They are attracted to the building because these are their food sources. So, make sure you put pet’s food in a plastic container with lids. When there is no food source, there is no need to stay in the house.

  • Physical removing. If there is a reptile in your house, it should be removed physically. For this purpose, it is better to hire a professional or set some traps inside your house. To remove snakes from the pool that is inside you can use a net. However, simple removal is not enough. Seal the entry points, so that there is no other chance left for others to get into.

Out of all the above-mentioned variants, the one about the work of a professional is the best one. Having snakes inside the house is not the same as having them outside. In the latter case you can use any solutions, and dealing with them while you are sleeping, eating or having rest in your bed is far worse. After a complete inspection, he will be able to treat the problem immediately.

How to Get Rid of Snakes That Are around the House: Preventing Buildings Penetration

As it has been mentioned, snakes are looking for new places full of food like insects and rodents.

As soon as all these food sources are successfully eliminated, the reptiles keep moving to other places, is in constant search of food.
Some people choose to spray insecticides all over the area to kill the insects. They also use rodent repellents for their successful elimination.

Here are the things we suggest:

  • Pest control. This is perhaps the best method of getting rid of snakes that are around the house. Why not try to eliminate insects and earthworms, making them search for food elsewhere? Over the last years, this method has proven its efficiency and long-lasting results.
  • Moth ball. They are another favorable option. Surround your house with them and you’ll see they really work. However, they should not be exposed in those areas with small children and pets.
  • Trimming. Try to trim trees around the building, as tree snakes slip from trees to the roof quite easily. Keep in mind that the wooded areas around are probably inhabited with many types of snakes. This is especially serious and dangerous for those, who live near woods.

  • Sulfur. If you are looking for the option with fast results, you’d better buy sulfur powder. Just take gloves and a mask and then sprinkle the powder like a line at all door entrances. After the rain reapplies the line. Why sulfur? This substance is able to keep snakes away from your house and yard. It is proven well.
  • Hiding places. If there are any around, you’d better remove them. They usually have different habitats like small rodents that snakes like the most. No rodents – no reptiles around your house. It is also important to look for piles of debris, tall grass and building materials that are near the house. Relocate them as soon as possible.

Now you see what can be possibly done in case of trouble. Are snakes inside? Try physical removing or hire a professional.

Are they occupying your backyard? Take some easy steps to make the surroundings unbearable for these cool places and compost heaps lovers.