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How to Get Rid of Sparrows

how to get rid of sparrows

Sparrows – small plump birds – can effectively destroy gardens, damage crops, nest on your houses, in backyard trees and in shrubs. These small, aggressive birds can be a considerable nuisance and cause unsanitary conditions. Sparrows can be a source of parasites – fleas and mites. If you have sparrows’ infestation, no wonder, getting rid of sparrows will probably be your next project.

Don’t know how to remove these small, adaptable birds from your house and what sparrow repellent to use to make your property inhospitable to them? Get relief with our informative methods and effective solutions right now. Learn how to repel sparrows easily, humanely and effectively.

Sparrows: Distribution and Habitat

Sparrows habitatThe sparrows – brown-grey birds – are indigenous to Europe, Asia and Africa.

There are many species of sparrows: Spanish sparrow, Italian sparrow, dessert sparrow, Kenya sparrow etc. When it comes to House sparrows, these birds are found throughout North America, in Australia, parts of eastern and southern Africa and South America.

The sparrows are known as birds of open habitats, including deserts, grasslands and scrubland.

Both male and female sparrows take care of their eggs and chicks.

Sparrows’ most common and preferable areas to live are human-altered habitats like barns and houses. Seeds and livestock pastures provide plenty of food for these small, plump birds.


Sparrows damageAs far as house sparrows feed in small areas – in large numbers – their damage is considerable.

Living close to humans these birds are a factor in the dissemination of salmonellosis, chalamydiosis, internal parasites and household pests. Sparrows’ droppings and feathers often create hazardous, odoriferous, unsanitary situations inside/outside of buildings or sidewalks under sparrows’ roosting areas.

Invasive sparrow species take full advantage of all the opportunities humans supply.
They are known as extremely aggressive birds toward native songbirds and can invade building crevices, dryer vents, attic vents, sheds, barns and chimneys.

Gathering in large numbers, sparrows make messes in trees above cars and along building ledges. What’s more they can invade attic spaces on your property or get inside of walls if there is an opening.

How to lure sparrows into nettings and traps

Sparrow Charmer™ Bird Caller – is an excellent add-on to any traps or mist net kit. The product lures sparrows into traps and netting. Sparrows are attracted toward the sound of Sparrow Charmer making capture more likely.

Sparrow Charmer™ Bird Caller

  • Cost: $86.25
  • Where to buy: available at Bird-B-Gone.
  • Where to use: in warehouses, retail stores or any large outdoor or indoor space in which you need to capture sparrows.
  • Package includes:
    • Sparrow Charmer™ (5 in. x. 2 in. x 1 in.)
    • Remote Control
    • Mounting Clip
    • USB Cord
    • Power Cord
    • USB Power Adaptor
  • Benefits:
    • Attracts sparrows up to two acres away
    • Easy-to-use product
    • Plays up to 18 continuous hours
    • Built-in speaker with push-button controls
    • Rechargeable Lithium battery

Want to create a sparrow-free environment for song birds? Don’t know how to eliminate these aggressive, making-messes small birds? Trapping is the best solution. Here you will find out the latest info on the best-selling and the most effective sparrow traps used for successful sparrow control.

How to repel sparrows humanely in all situations

According to, sparrows can not only destroy gardens and yards but also kill native bird species. These small birds are also an environmental hazard, as their droppings can be a danger to humans’ health.

We suggest using human methods of their removal. With the following easy-to-use, human products you will be able to take sparrow infestation under control.

Garages, barns, horse stables

For all these locations as well as enclosed areas with open doors we recommend using the following:

Bird Blazer – extremely effective, silent bird control device that can protect indoor spaces from sparrows’ damage.

Bird Blazer

  • Cost: $1,518.45
  • Where to buy: at Bird-X
  • Effectiveness: Remote controlled Bird Blazer device can safely frighten sparrows away. Sparrows hate laser technology of this great product and will try to find calmer landing areas.
  • Recommended for use in: large indoor areas
  • Ideal for use at: airplane hangers.
  • Benefits: Lasers appear in three alarming colors detectable by sparrows.
Sparrows lay between four to seven eggs.

QuadBlaster QB-4 – ultrasonic bird repeller that emits sounds to disorient sparrows and other birds and quickly scare them away from the treated location.

QuadBlaster QB-4

  • Cost: $556.75
  • Where to buy: at Bird-X.
  • Effectiveness: protects facilities from damage and liability.
  • Recommended for use in: semi-enclosed areas and indoors.
  • Ideal for use at: Underpasses, Tunnels, Breezeways.

Outdoor areas and large open spaces

If you need effective sparrow control in yards, crops, fields, gardens, parks and in any large open area we suggest using the following:

Super BirdXPeller PRO – Sonic Bird Control System that can eliminate your sparrow problems humanely and effectively.

Super BirdXPeller PRO

  • Cost: $670.00
  • Where to buy: at Bird-X
  • Effectiveness: Due to high-quality digital playback of naturally recorded threats, this control system is extremely effective for sparrow control.
  • Recommended for use in: outdoor areas.
  • Ideal for use at: loading docks.
  • Benefits: the device is fully programmable – you can control sound delays, volume and hours of operation.
Before any active sparrow control measures – removing eggs, nests and trapping adults – are used, you must be absolutely certain that you are dealing with sparrows.
Note it is illegal to interfere with active nests of any native birds without permit.

Bird Chase Super Sonic – is an effective water-resistant sound device used to deter sparrows as well as other pest birds from large open spaces. Sparrows hate to hear ultrasonic noises and will leave the treated area.

Bird Chase Super Sonic

  • Cost: $199.00
  • Where to buy: at Bird-B-Gone.
  • How it works: Recorded predator calls of actual birds are broadcasted every 10 minutes, when sparrows hear these calls, their natural instinct is to leave the area.
  • Effectiveness: recorded bird calls are the most efficient sound deterrents
  • Ideal for use in: large open spaces.
  • Benefits: The device is programmable, plays for 2 minutes at 10 minutes intervals, can cover up to 5 acres.

Attics, Chimneys, Porches and Storage Sheds

For all these areas as well as enclosed areas use:

The Balcony Guard – humane, ultrasonic bird control device that uses silent-to-us ultrasonic sound waves that will help you to repel troublesome sparrows.

The Balcony Guard

  • Cost: $98.00
  • Where to buy: at Bird-X.
  • Effectiveness: extremely effective and easy-to-use device. Ultrasonic sound waves effectively repel annoying sparrows from small outdoor areas around the property.
  • Recommended for use in: small outdoor areas
  • Ideal for use at: patios, gardens.
  • A tip to consider: For sparrow control it is recommended to set the device to constant instead of motion-activated.

Sparrow control products to deter sparrows in all situations

To deter noisy sparrows both visually and sensory apply such products as:

Prowler Owl deterrentProwler Owl – visual deterrent with dynamic realism and movement that can be installed in any open outdoor area to scare sparrows where these small critters are a problem.

  • Cost: $66.35
  • Where to buy: at Bird-X.
  • Ideal for use at: Waterfront Property and Businesses.
Sparrows are frightened of owls – natural predators. Placing a fake owl in the same tree as a sparrow nest is a good solution.
Visual deterrent with flexible eyes and hunting flight pose will surely drive sparrows away.

Irri-TapeIrri-Tape – effective-wherever-applied, holographic bird tape makes noise and flashes scaring sparrows away from the treated area.

  • Cost: $43.45
  • Where to buy: at Bird-X
  • Ideal for use at: Barns, Fields, Stables, Vineyards, Orchards.
  • Benefits: Protect crops and gardens from sparrows’ damage, protects buildings from sparrows droppings.

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How to find a professional bird control company

Bird-B-Gone professional bird control companyHave sparrow problem, but don’t know how to solve it? Ask an expert! There are many wildlife control companies that offer effective bird control as a service. These bird experts can:

  • Install sparrow control products;
  • Offer clean-up services;
  • Offer human trap and removal services.

For a qualified installer in your area call Bird-B-Gone, Inc. at 1-888-670-2920.

For effective sparrow control, removal and exclusion services call Critter Control at 1-800-274-8837.

Don’t let sparrows make your property their own house. Remove them effectively with our easy-to-use solutions that will surely help you in making your house, garden or any place you want isolated and quiet.