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How to Set Tomcat Mouse Trap

how to set tomcat mouse trap

Mice can be utterly disgusting if necessary measures to control them are not initiated in time. They have a short gestation period that enables them to multiply and take control of your home quickly! If these stubborn rodents are already wreaking havoc in your house, you’ve got no option but to work out an efficient elimination formulae. Well, what would you consider before choosing an ideal mice eradication technique? It’s paramount that you think about the efficiency, safety, and cost of the method. This article will guide you through an environmentally friendly procedure that will solve all your mice problems! Read on to get useful tips on the benefits and application of Tomcat mousetrap.

Tomcat Mouse Trap: Reviews

The product has received numerous reviews from the vast pool of clients with a majority of them expressing their appreciation. A significantly large number of the homeowners rated the device five-star on efficacy and affordability. They agree that it has succeeded where others had failed terribly.

Traps products line by Tomcat

A few of the clients, however, complained of low success rates. This downside may be attributed to poor set up, and poor choice of location which may have led to the mice identifying the risk and cunningly avoiding the bait. The failure can be prevented by strictly following the guidelines provided herein. Also, you can get tremendous help from how to catch a mouse.

Below are some of the pros and cons of this product:

Benefits of Using
  • Relatively Inexpensive. This device is readily available at your nearest pest control store at affordable prices. What’s best about the product is its reusability. You’ll just need to clean it and set another bait. A single trap can eliminate all the mice from your house!
  • Easy to Use. This product comes with a well-detailed manual that guides you through the setting process to ensure that every bait you set is a success! The setting does not require any expertise or experience. The quick and straightforward process saves your time, money and restores your peace of mind.
  • It’s Highly Effective. If the high sales are anything to go by, then it’s factual that homeowners have unshakable confidence in the product. Numerous positive reviews confirm the satisfaction that comes with using the trap.
  • It Offers a Visible Proof of Capture. Unlike repellents, there is a visible proof that the stubborn rodents, that have caused sleepless nights, have been captured. This evidence is a guarantee that there are minimal chances of re-infestation.
  • Poison-Free Operation. There is nothing as vital as ensuring that your children are safe during the use of any product. The Tomcat trap is poison-free and is thus safe for use in the presence of children.
Limitations of Using
  • Requires Extra Care when Setting. If you’re not careful, it’s likely that you’ll injure your finger in the process. The entire process demands extra caution to guarantee the safety of your fingers and save you from unwarranted pains!
  • Some Individuals Considers the Method Cruel. Some homeowners feel that the product subjects the mice to too much pain. Majority of these individuals are uncomfortable viewing the dead mouse dangling on the trap. While this is a limitation, it’s necessary to note that the primary intention is to rid your house of the rodents.

Kill & Contain Trap by Tomcat

Considering the benefits and limitations of any product is critical in decision making. You should read through the reviews of other homeowners who have experienced the use of the Tomcat mousetrap to make a final decision from the point of information.

How do Tomcat Mouse Traps Work?

The product works by killing the mice. They are designed to use a bait which attracts the mice to the trap. Once the mice try to reach the bait, they trigger the trap’s mechanism resulting in catching and instantly killing the rodents.

Always use rubber gloves to dispose the dead mouse.

Tomcat designed the product differently; some comes as snap while others are spin traps. Also, there exist a wide range of electric mouse traps in their collection.

Tomcat Trap

Spin Trap

This method involves using a small trap that’s set against a wall or in a strategic corner. The device is deadly and acts as an instant kill trap. This feature reduces the suffering of the rodents as opposed to other lethal traps. It’s designed to allow a quick setting and provide a high success rate. It has an underneath space that will enable you to place the bait. Ensure that you use an ideal bait such as peanut butter or the Tomcat brand bait to increase the chances of attracting the mice to the spin product.

Mice Spin Trap by Tomcat

It comes with the following unique features that allow you to identify whether a mouse has been caught:

  • Setting spin trapWhen disabled, it will show the label “not set” in the yellow section. This label suggests that the trap has been triggered but did not capture anything or that you accidentally triggered it while setting up.
  • When the red section shows a label “caught” it means that the trap has successfully captured a mouse.

How It Works

The product is designed in an easy-to-use model whose size allows you to place in dark hidden places. You’ll put the bait underneath the trap and place it in a strategic position. When the mouse detects the aroma, it moves towards it and goes inside/ underneath the trap. It trips the sensor which activates the mechanical process leading to an instant shut of the spins. The quick procedure gets the mouse unaware and results in its immediate death.

This device is highly advantageous for homeowners since Tomcat designed it to be used safely even in the presence of children and pets. It’s practically impossible for you to get your finger into the trap or hurt yourself during its set up. It also provides the homeowner with the benefit of disposing off the mouse without seeing it thus boosting the confidence of the squeamish individuals and allowing them to use the product comfortably.

Spin Trap Instructions

Snap Trap

This is a commonly used product since it’s relatively cheap and readily available. When correctly set, it can be highly effective in catching the rodents in your house. Tomcat designed this device to allow the use of baits to entice the mice. It has a hooker where you should attach the bait. It’s crucial that you confirm that you’ve firmly attached the bait to ensure that the mouse doesn’t snatch it without triggering the trap.

Mouse Snap Trap by Tomcat

While the device is considered humane, it’s crucial that you realize that improper setting of the product can lead to a prolonged suffering of the mouse. This happens when the mouse is caught but manages to escape with injuries. Alternatively, it may grip a part that cannot lead to the instant death of the mouse.

You should follow the following quick steps to guarantee instant killing of the rodents:

  • Use Just the Right Amount of Bait. When you use too much of the bait material, the mouse may snatch some without triggering the device.
  • Ensure that You Pre-Bait the Trap. Mice can be cunning and can easily avoid the trap when they suspect danger. As such, try putting a bait without setting the device to allow them to eat it and get used it. Once this is achieved, set the product and wait for the catch.
  • Change the Trap Frequently. Once you realize that the device is getting weak, you should change it to maintain its efficiency.

When you realize that the mice are destroying your outdoor valuables, it’s helpful to consider outdoor mouse traps to help in the complete eradication of the mice.

Tomcat Press 'N Set Mouse Trap Instruction

How to Set a Trap

Setting the device is a crucial step that will largely determine its effectiveness. When you purchase the product from the pest control depot, you’ll be provided with a well-detailed manual on the recommended steps that you should follow for assured efficacy. Carefully read through and adhere to every step recommended by Tomcat.

Tomcat mouse trap can lead to injuries. This is if you fail to follow the instructions during the set-up process.

You’ll require the following materials to complete the trap setting process:

  • Bait – It’s recommended that you use peanut butter.
  • Tomcat Mouse Trap.

Instructions to follow:

  • Place the peanut butter on the device’s bait receptors. Ensure that you firmly squish the bait into the receptors. Avoid just placing the bait loosely on the receptors since the mice will efficiently collect it without upsetting the trap which leads to an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Once you’re through with baiting, you should carefully set the device. Set the trapThis critical step is achieved by moving the bale (the U-shaped metal bar) to the opposite side of the trap’s base. While holding the bale, move the triggering wire across and insert it into the triggering notch. Ensure that you exercise maximum caution to prevent accidental upsetting of the device during placement since it can lead to an injury.
  • The last step entails placing the trap in a strategic place. Ensure that the surface is flat and dark to attract the mice. Once you complete this set step, you can relax and wait for the results!

Important Tips

The following tips are essential in ensuring that you remain safe during the use of the trap:

  1. Always use gloves when setting the trap. This is a safety measure to protect you in cases when you use human unfriendly baits. Tomcat may include a baiting gel which may be sticky.
  2. Place multiple traps in areas that you’ve spotted the mice. Ensure that you place them strategically to prevent suspicion by the mice. You can set the baits 8 to 12 feet apart and in considerably hidden zones.
  3. Ensure that you maintain a constant supply of the bait until you are sure that all the mice have been eradicated. You should replace the baits after at most 15 days.

While mice cannot harm people, they may cause severe destruction especially when they invade your kitchen. It’s, therefore, necessary to control the rodents before they multiply into unmanageable numbers. This can be achieved by the use of Tomcat mouse traps that are easy-to-use, environmentally friendly and poison-free. To guarantee high success rates, you should follow all the guidelines as outlined herein and enjoy a mice-free home.