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Mouse Poison Pellets

mouse poison pellets

Comparison chart: The 3 Best Mouse Poison Pellets

Best Choice
RatX Rat and Mouse Rodenticide Pellets review
RatX Rat and Mouse Rodenticide Pellets
  • Active Ingredients: 55% Corn Gluten Meal, 2% Sodium Chloride
  • All-Natural
  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe around children and pets

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People's Choice
NEOGEN Ramik Green Rodenticide Nuggets review
NEOGEN Ramik Green Rodenticide Nuggets
  • Active Ingredient: 0.005% Diphacinone
  • For use Indoor and Outdoor
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Wax-free formula

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Also Great
Tomcat Bromethalin Meal Bait review
Tomcat Bromethalin Meal Bait
  • Active Ingredient: 0.01% Bromethalin
  • For use Indoor and Outdoor
  • Made in the USA

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UK Only
Ratkil Rat & Mouse Killer Sachets review
Ratkil Rat & Mouse Killer Sachets
  • Active Ingredient: 0.0025% Brodifacoum
  • For use Indoor and Outdoor
  • To kill up to 40 mice

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For many homeowners, the idea of dealing with a mouse infestation is enough to make them want to move out. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you know how to get rid of them for good.

In this blog post, I’m going to share 3 different types of poison pellets that are proven effective at killing mice and preventing them from coming back. I’ll also discuss some other things you can do around your house to keep these pests away for good!

Top 3 Mouse Poison Pellets Reviewed

After much research, there are definitely some products that stand out more than others. And the winner is RatX Rat and Mouse Pellets.

1. RatX Rat and Mouse Rodenticide Pellets – Best Humane Pellets to Kill Mice (Editor’s Choice)

The RatX rodenticide pellets are made from corn gluten meal which means they’re all-natural and non-toxic, safe around children and pets, and leave no smell. They also include 2% sodium chloride for a quick kill. Active ingredients: 55% corn gluten meal, 2% sodium chloride.

  • Effective, quick kill.
  • All-natural and non-toxic.

  • Protect your family from dangerous chemicals.
  • Keep pests away without harming the environment or your loved ones.

How RatX Pellets Works

RatX pellets work by making rodents thirsty and dehydrating them, so they die from lack of water. The key ingredient is sodium chloride, which makes rats and mice feel thirsty when they eat it, even if their bodies are already adequately hydrated at that moment. They will then go back to their burrows where they’ll stay until they eventually die of dehydration because this bait switches off their sensors telling them that they need to drink water. This product can be used inside food preparation facilities but will not kill gophers or moles as RatX claims these pests have their own unique dietary requirements.

RatX only has one active ingredient, which makes it ideal for people who want to protect their homes without having to worry about pets or children coming into contact with the poison pellets. It is also safe enough that you can use it indoors in areas where food preparation occurs, so long as there are no rodent holes close by, and they cannot gain access through gaps under doors, etc. This product works fast – if eaten within 24 hours of ingestion, rodents will usually die within 48 hours, although some may take up to four days depending on how much they eat at a time and whether any other water sources are available around them when they consume this bait.

As mentioned previously, though, most rodents go back to their nests after eating RatX and die there of starvation and dehydration. This means that you will not see many dead rodents around your home, although some may appear in the immediate vicinity as they try to escape from their nests before dying where they fell.

How to Use

The poison pellets are slightly larger than a grain of rice. They can be scattered wherever it is convenient for them if needed, such as along walls, etc., however, we recommend placing these baits inside mouse traps so that they cannot lose any because this product does have quite an offensive smell once opened up by rats/mice who eat it! The rodenticide comes in pellets containing 16 ounces of poison, which is equivalent to about 5-8 standard mouse traps in terms of having an effective dosage per unit area.

The active ingredient inside RatX pellets also makes them a great choice if you have infestations both indoors and outdoors because it kills rodents quickly no matter where they are exposed to this product – whether it be outside on your lawn or in your kitchen pantry! You can use these products anywhere that mice or rats travel through, including garages, basements, sheds, etc., but must ensure there are no holes in exterior walls/fences for a safe way out before ingestion occurs. If rodents cannot escape from the place they’ve eaten, then death comes very soon after ingestion.

The packaging on this rodenticide looks very similar to that found on other commercial rat poisons, so you won’t notice much difference upon opening up a pack. This box should come sealed with a small plastic strip across the middle of it, which must be torn off before opening up. Once opened you should reseal this product, or any rodenticide for that matter (unless you’re putting them in traps) because they can attract children and pets who try to eat them if left open!
  • Fast working.
  • Multi-location use.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • Has only one active ingredient.
  • Does not work for other pests such as moles and gophers.
  • Rodenticide can be fatal to animals, humans, and children if ingested.
  • Rodents may eat more than the pellets at a time to prolong the amount of time they have before dying from starvation.

2. NEOGEN Ramik Green Rodenticide Nuggets – Best Rodent Poison Pellets (People’s Choice)

NEOGEN Ramik Green Nuggets is a high-quality rodent poison. This product is designed for use inside and outside the home and has a wax-free formula that resists moisture. It also contains 0.005% Diphacinone as an active ingredient, which is proven to be effective against rodents of all sizes. In addition, this bait can be used by folks who have pets or small children in their homes because it isn’t hazardous if ingested by them. It’s just not recommended that they eat it!

Benefits: This product offers several benefits for homeowners willing to invest in it; thanks to its water-resistant qualities, you don’t need to worry about rain washing away your bait before the rodents get to it. This is also beneficial for people who live in wet climates because it can be used inside the home without worrying about moisture damaging its effectiveness. It’s available in a fish-flavored grain mix that has proven effective against rodents of all sizes and lifestyles, which means that you don’t have to worry about mice infesting your pantry while rats are chewing up through your walls!

How to Use

NEOGEN’s rodenticides are effective in controlling mice, but they must be used correctly to avoid problems such as bait shyness or secondary poisoning of other animals or people.

Here are some key points:

  • Use 1/4-1/2 ounce (1-2 level tablespoons) at each placement location spaced 8-12 feet apart; larger placements may be needed at points of high mouse activity. Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for 15 days or until there are no longer signs of new feeding by mice.
  • After the first application, if reinfestation occurs, reapply to affected areas after at least 15 days or until all signs of renewed mouse activity have ceased.

  • Be sure to follow all label instructions carefully and replace contaminated or spoiled bait immediately.
  • Using barrier laminate gloves, collect and dispose of all dead and exposed animals, as well as any unused material.

  • This bait is water-resistant.
  • The bait can be used inside and outside the home.
  • You won’t have to worry about your children or pets getting into it.
  • This bait will work against all types of rodents, including those that are resistant to other poisons!
  • The bait works on all sizes and types of rodents, but some science points to a preference by mice for waxed baits.

3. Tomcat Bromethalin Meal Bait

Tomcat Meal Bait is a powerful rodenticide bait that can be used to kill rats and mice. It is made in the USA, has an active ingredient of 0.01% bromethalin, and kills rodents within 2 or more days after consumption. This product is excellent for use on knockdown populations or severe infestations, as it affects the rodents’ nervous system.

How to Use

Tomcat Meal Bait is highly effective at killing pests within days of use, but if you want the best results, follow these tips when using it:

  • Inspect for heavy rodent activity before placing bait and replenish bait when necessary.
  • Keep baiting until all signs of feeding have ceased.

  • It’s the only type that kills with one feeding.
  • You’ll know if it’s working because the rodents will die within days of eating this bait.

These are the best mouse poison bait pellets for killing rodents. I have used this in my house before and it does work! This will kill them if they eat one pellet or a whole box of these, so be sure to use caution when using around children or pets. It has an active ingredient called Bromethalin that kills within days of ingestion. These are highly effective at eliminating pests like mice quickly – you’ll know it’s working because they’ll die within several days after eating the bait (before dying).

First of all, you need to know that the bait should be applied only where there are signs of rat or mouse activity. The best way to tell if there is activity is by closely inspecting for droppings or gnawing along wires and pipes at potential problem areas such as foundation vents, access points under sinks and dishwashers, soffits around the outer walls of buildings especially near roof lines, or any other area where they can enter a building through openings too small for them to get through.

The best way to use these baits particularly if there were no signs of any activity would be sprinkling some over and around entry points like under sinks or along with foundation vents then place another pile or two near appliances such as in dishwashers or even in garages near gasoline cans where there is a possibility of rodent activity. This way, the rodents will ingest these pellets as they search for water sources after entering your home making them die within just to two nights depending on how much bait each rodent consumed during that period.

All you have to do is pick up some amount based on the size of your property then apply it accordingly until no more signs of rat or mice activity can be found inside your home. Make sure not to forget about any possible entry points especially if you see droppings around those areas because once rodents find food sources readily available along with water, they will definitely want to stay inside your home even if you’ve already sealed off all possible entry points.

To get the most out of this type of rat and mouse poison bait, make sure to use them in conjunction with other methods such as mechanical traps or snap-type humane live catch traps so that once rodents are caught alive while foraging for food sources at night time around your property, it won’t be difficult for you to relocate these creatures outside near their burrows making it easier for preventing any future infestations within just a short period of time.

  • Kills rodents within 48 hours
  • One feeding is all it takes to kill a rodent
  • Made in America.
  • Excellent for knockdown populations or severe infestations.
  • You need to wait until there are signs of active infestation before applying this type of bait.
  • You cannot use these in areas with children and pets.

4. Ratkil Rat & Mouse Killer Sachets (the UK only)

Ratkil Sachets are a great way to get rid of rats and mice both indoor and outdoor. These packs come with enough for 40 rats or mice each. That is a lot! This is a home-friendly product when used in bait boxes as it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. As well as being safe to use around food preparation areas because no harmful chemicals will contaminate your food from this rodent killer.

Ratkil is easy to use, so it will take no time at all before you see results. Once they eat them the rodents will die within just one night of feeding on these poison pellets. As well as being safe for children and pets there is nothing harmful about this product at all! That’s hard to beat! If you want something that’s effective but also doesn’t harm your family then Ratkil could be exactly what you need. This rodent killer can eradicate any rats or mice in your home without causing more problems like illness, injury, or death to other animals who touch the rat carcasses once dead (dead rats can still cause disease). You cannot go wrong with a humane pest control solution like Ratkill if you want to ensure the safety of your home and family.

  • Home friendly when used in bait boxes.
  • Ideal for use in sensitive regions like kitchens or food preparation areas.
  • Get rid of rats and mice both indoor and outdoor without harming your family, pets, or the environment.
  • Some people may not want to use the product for various reasons. Some don’t like using pest control products so they would prefer trying something different.

5. D-Con Mouse Poisons Review

D-Con has the leading mouse poison products in the market that offer maximum protection against mice infestation in your home. The products are packaged in different formulations including baits, blocks, and pellets.

  • 1 Trap + 18 Bait Refills
  • Active Ingredient: Cholecalciferol
  • For use Indoor and Outdoor, Weather-Resistant

The product is one of the most effective mouse poisons with high efficacy against all the mice in your home. Numerous homeowners around the globe have expressed their satisfaction with the success rate of the pellets. It has notably been helpful to homeowners who had given up using traps due to the high chances of failure associated with the method. The mouse pellets have unique features that make them an outstanding product for use by homeowners pissed off by the presence of mice in their houses.

These features include:

  • Proven anticoagulant formulation. The product has a potent anticoagulant Cholecalciferol that assures death upon ingestion. Immediately after the intake, the mouse bleeds which results in dehydration and finally death. The use of anticoagulant pellets is a better method compared to other existing products in the market. Unlike traps, the pellets are attractive both in color, taste, and smell which makes them irresistible for the mice. Additionally, excessive bleeding results in a quicker death than when using CNS-impairing products. This outstanding feature makes the product the best in the market.
  • Designed for use in hard to reach areas. The pellets are wedge-shaped which makes it easy to spread in regions where it’s difficult to set a trap. The small sizes of the pellets facilitate spilling over a larger surface area thus raising the probability of the mouse consuming the poison.

  • The pellets work on many rodents. Unlike the traps, the pellets can poison more than one mouse. This significantly reduces the cost implications of the entire process. Additionally, it is not easy for other mice to note the real cause of death, unlike the traps where the mice know the threat relatively well. As such, it’s not easy for them to dodge the pellets.
  • It guarantees over 99% mice elimination success. The product has strong anticoagulants that significantly thin the blood making it hard for the internal systems of the mice to control bleeding.

d-CON Bait Station Instructions

The product is packaged in small portable packets that are convenient for you. It has numerous pellets that require zero application experience. Additionally, the pellets are lined with attractive colors and aromatic food materials to attract the mice.

Other beneficial features of the product include:

  • Impressive pricing. The pellets are relatively affordable, and its availability is guaranteed. Click home depot mouse poison store to see what they have to offer. This ensures that you get it immediately you notice the first mouse in your house.

  • Limited warranty. It’s always safe to get an assurance from the manufacturer that if the product is defective, they will solve the issue. The warranty guarantees value for money when purchasing the product as well as builds your confidence on the product.

What are the Best Mouse Poison Pellets in 2024? – Your Expert Buyer’s Guide

Have you tried different methods to drive away mice but to no avail? The rodents develop mechanisms to avoid traps that may frustrate their efforts. Do you need the surest way of keeping them at bay? Read on to find out the benefits of using mouse poison pellets.

This guide will provide you with crucial information that guarantees a home free of pestering rodents. It will highlight the best pellets’ application practice as well as guide you through choosing the best product for use in your home. Had you surrendered to the stubborn mice? Relax and learn a much more efficient method that won’t disappoint!

All the products you choose must be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to guarantee your safety. Second-generation anticoagulants are highly toxic and are primarily reserved for use by professionals.

Do Mice Poison Pellets Work?

The use of poison pellets is the most effective method to eliminate mice from your home. The rodents have ingenious ways of escaping alternative elimination mechanisms which significantly reduce their effectiveness. If you have tried homemade mouse poison and traps and failed, you should use the mouse poison pellets for guaranteed results.

Mice and poison pelletsThe products primarily impair the nervous system of the mouse making it difficult for it to coordinate various activities necessary for life. The disruption interferes with the electronic controls of life which eventually collapses leading to the death of the mouse. Another class of the pellets has anticoagulant properties where they lead to uncontrolled internal bleeding due to blood thinning. Immediately after the mouse consumes an anticoagulant-coated pellet, it will bleed to death.

The mouse pellets should be stored out of children reach.

The product is 100% efficient as long as the ingestion stage is a success. You should always ensure that the pellets are strategically placed in areas where the mice frequently pass to enhance the chances of consumption.

The tricks to ensure that the mice consume the pellets are:

  1. Eliminating all the other sources of food in your home area. If you put the pellets in the midst of more attractive food materials, the mice may fail to ingest them since they would prefer the food to the pellets.
  2. Train the mice to expect tasty pellets in specific regions. You should ensure that the mice don’t find it strange to have the pellets which can result to sabotage. The training can be achieved by placing pellets made of oats and peanut butter in specific locations for approximately two days. Once you’ve realized that the mice are consuming the oats’ pellets, you should place the poison pellets in the same positions. This practice significantly increases the chances of consumption by the mice. What do mice like to eat? Click this to find out.
  3. Place the pellets in strategic, dark, and safe regions to develop the confidence of the mice in consuming the poison. If you place the poison in an open place, the rodents will shy away from consuming it which significantly reduces its success rates. Choose a poison preparation that can be placed in cracks and hard-to-reach regions of your house to guarantee success.


The mice can be finicky, and the best practice must be observed to guarantee the complete elimination of the rodent from your home.

Two Formulations

There are two formulations of mice poison pellets: anticoagulants and those that affect the Central Nervous System (CNS). The pellets are designed to attract the mice towards it which increases the number of mice that consume the poison.

Although the mice move away from the poison’s site, the effects of the product immobilize the mice after some time. This reduces the chances of the mice accessing water which further accelerates their death.

Poison pellets

The poison pellets are easy to use since the application involves placing the pellets in a conducive environment where the mice can easily access them. You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reduce the probability of the product’s failure. What’s best about the use of the pellets is the cost advantage; they are priced better than other products such as traps which assure you of a highly efficient product at a relatively affordable price.

How to Сhoose Mouse Poison Pellets

When choosing mouse poison to use, you should always consider some factors, including:

  • What the mice will accept.
    The small rodents can be finicky and can easily avoid poison that they don’t like. It is essential to establish the ideal product that the mice will consume to increase the elimination chances.
  • Where to use.
    You need to consider the target location. If you intend to use the product outdoors, it’s paramount that you choose a weatherproof product that will withstand both dry and wet weather conditions.

  • The strength of the product.
    It is essential to choose the molecules that fit your situation. Resistant mice that have defied other products need a stronger molecule or higher molecule’s concentration. Second-generation anticoagulants such as Brodifacoum, Difethialone, Bromadiolone, and Difenacoum are more potent than the first-generation anticoagulants (Chlorpophacinone, Diphacinone, Warfarin) and should be applied in such cases.

Mouse poison is the surest way to get rid of the mice in your home. If other methods have failed, you need to apply poison to get the best results. Here you will find more detailed information about the best mouse poison in the market.

Questions & Answers

How many poison pellets does it take to kill a mouse?

It can depend on how many poison pellets the mouse eats and what type of poison is in the pellets. If the rodent eats just one or two bait units, then it usually takes three to five days until they die. However, if a mouse or rat has eaten more than 10-14 bait units, they will most likely die within 24 hours of ingesting the best rat poison.

Keep in mind that it varies by rodenticide product, as some types kill rats quicker than others. So make sure you know what type of bait you are using before applying it to ensure that all rodents are killed fast enough without suffering too long.

What do professionals use to kill mice?

Professional pest control services use a combination of bait boxes, traps, and rodenticides to kill rats or mice. Most residential customers prefer poison pellets because they are the most effective way to eliminate this pest infestation.

According to our research on home remedies, you can try some homemade rodent repellent recipes that are safe for the environment as well as your children or pets.

Most people won't go through the trouble of making their own homemade rodent repellents, but it is definitely cheaper than spending hundreds or even thousands on a pest control service.

How long does poison take to kill rats?

If the rat eats enough bait, then you will notice death within 24 hours. However, if they eat less than one poisoning unit/bait-unit (or about 0.25oz), and there are no other rodents for them to pass along the bait through contact, then this could take as much as five days before the first signs of symptoms become noticeable after ingestion.


Do you know that rats and mice kill more human beings every year than sharks, tigers, bears, and all other land predators combined? It’s true. Rats and mice spread disease, destroy property and leave a mess in their wake. And the only way to get rid of them is with rat poison pellets. But there are so many different kinds on the market it can be hard to pick just one. So we did some research for you to make choosing easier!

RatX PelletsIf you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of rats or mice, look no further than RatX Rodenticide Pellets. These poison pellets are perfect for when there is an infestation in your home but they can also be used outside if rodents find their way into your garage near gasoline cans where there’s a possibility of rodent activity.

Unlike other poisons that could harm children or the environment, these rat/mouse killers will not contaminate your food preparation areas with harmful chemicals while protecting pets from any disease-carrying carcasses left behind by dead rodents after feeding on these pellets. You won’t see results overnight but it shouldn’t take long before you notice fewer signs of active infestations around the house! So stop waiting – go buy some today and enjoy a pest-free home tomorrow.

  • Rodenticide pellets can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It won’t cause harmful chemicals to contaminate your food preparation areas.

  • Rodents carry diseases which are why it’s important for this product not to harm children or the environment.
  • Kills rats and mice within one night of feeding on them.