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White Cockroaches: Everything You Need to Know

white cockroach

What do you know about Albino cockroaches? Many people have seen these white guys but few people actually know that albino roaches don’t exist and are in fact a part of molting process.

Ridding your home of cockroaches whether white or black can seem like a never ending battle. These insects are a health hazard and can cause serious health problems.

What the difference between Albino roaches and white German cockroaches is, how do they look like, where you can find them and what methods for their control are the best ones. Get the latest information on albino cockroaches plus special tips on how to eradicate them.

Albino Cockroach Identification

White cockroaches identificationUnlike other species of roaches, albino cockroaches cannot be classified and named as their own species. Albino cockroach is in fact a part of process that all roaches go through. It means there is no such species as albino cockroaches. Cockroaches become white due to a stage of development (from birth to maturity).

The existence of true white or albino cockroaches has never been found.

Albino cockroaches are not an exotic new breed. Those white insects are named albino because of their white pigmentation. The skin of roach is totally white apart from its black, intact eyes. Those people who think they have come across something strange and very unusual – capturing albino cockroach to show off – usually find out that the cockroach is black or brown within a few hours.

One more interesting fact is that it is impossible to indicate the true species of albino roaches until they become black or brown.

So, how do they look like?

  1. The shape of albino cockroachesShape and size – The shape of albino cockroaches is oval. The size of these insects is similar to the size of black or brown cockroaches. However, younger cockroaches may be a bit smaller due to variable growth rates of these insects.
  2. Wings – These white guys may or may not have wings. It depends on their age and species.
  3. Color – Usually the roach is white or cream-colored – when it molts – until the new, flexible exoskeleton hardens.

Why they are white: the process of molting

Cockroaches belong to the arthropods’ group. To grow larger, arthropods should shed their exoskeleton. This procedure is called molting. When a roach is ready for molting, it develops a new exoskeleton – skeleton on the outside – inside of the old one. The cockroach gets out of the old and used exoskeleton with a new one that is soft and flexible.

When roaches become nymphs they shed their skin. During this period of time (just a few hours) they appear white creating an unusual sight.
The shell and color of these white guys will quickly develop back to their usual dark or brown color as well as the hardened state.

White roachAfter molting, the roach is vulnerable and defenseless until the new flexible exoskeleton hardens. Therefore roaches molt in dark places like walls and cabinets.

Usually, it takes just a few hours for the new cockroach exoskeleton to harden. The cockroach darkens until it looks like all of the other roaches of that species.

If you see a good number of white roaches on your property you have a mature population. It is a significant problem. Don’t wait until it becomes a huge one. Start acting immediately.

Where you can find scary white roaches

When these little nasty guys undergo molting, they recede deeper in walls and cabinets for their safety. As it was mentioned before, at this period of time they are very vulnerable. Usually, after the process of molting is finished, the cockroach stays in the dark place for a few hours. So where to find them – in most common places known to other roaches.

Albino cockroaches may be found indoors and outdoors, in damp, dark plenty-of-shade areas.
You can easily find them in basements, floor drains, and under porches. The most popular places include crawl spaces, greenhouses, basements, and behind laundry facilities.

Albino cockroachAs far as albino roaches are less developed, these white guys are more likely to be found near soil places – closer to the source of food – where they were laid like eggs.

Very few people know that shedding the skin of albino cockroaches causes allergies in humans. To know more, read this. People who have roach infestation can find tiny particles of the parched-up exoskeleton in their houses. These particles can become airborne and trigger an allergic response in humans. The larger population of roaches, the more risk of roach allergens in the air. Some people can even develop asthma due to these particles.

White German Roaches

German Cockroaches are known as the most prolific breeders among cockroaches.  They go through a simple life cycle – egg, nymph, and adult – shedding their skin in between these stages.
During the molting stage, German cockroaches are very sensitive and usually stay hidden to prevent other roaches from eating them. The female lives up to six months and can carry up to forty eggs at one time.

German cockroaches molt six times during their development stage.

An egg grows to adulthood in 6 weeks molting 6 times during this period. Molting German cockroaches often seem like disfigured freaks of nature. However, they are in fact part of the German cockroach development progression from egg to adult. By knowing that all species of these insects go through this stage of development, it makes these guys even nastier to think about!

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White roach control: Best methods and strategies of Albino cockroaches’ elimination

If you think albino roaches are harmless creatures that shouldn’t be treated, then you are wrong. The white color of these guys indicates the final stage of their development which means these cockroaches will quickly reach their sexual maturity. What then? A wide-scale infestation is what you may have in the end. Once you notice white creatures in the house, cockroach control should be acted with immediacy and efficiency.

The first step in controlling cockroaches is finding their hiding place. Once located, an efficient treatment should be done. It includes:

Home treatment

Purchase special products on the market that are specifically designed for cockroaches. From traps, repellents to baits and powders – all of these can help to crack the roach problem.

We suggest buying one of these perfect options:

  • Alpine cockroach gel baitAlpine Cockroach Gel Bait.
    Cost: $ 46.29.
    This perfect reduced-risk bait is the best product to rid your home of nasty white guys. Being free of all of the big allergens, the bait is safe and eco-friendly. The gel is fast-acting – within hours, roaches begin to die – and can be used in conjunction with a bait tray.
    Recommendations: use more of this gel for heavier cockroach populations and less amount if the infestation is less severe.
  • Roach Bully Natural SprayRoach Bully – Natural Cockroach Spray by Green Bean Cleaning Products.
    Cost: $70.
    The product provides cockroach protection for up to three months and kills roaches and larvae safely and quickly.
    Recommendations: Spray this natural roach deterrent and killer directly on infested locations and other areas.


As feces and skins of these nasty guys can be a large problem for your health – a professional cleaning service is a necessity.

We suggest using these options:

  • Nixall disinfectantNixall Disinfectant/sanitizer.
    Cost: $69.95.
    This product is very powerful but safe to use around your family.
  • Kleen Green NaturallyKleen Green Naturally by Natural Ginesis.
    Cost: $75.
    Being non-toxic and hypoallergenic, this product is a perfect solution to clean the house removing nasty roaches naturally. How to use: spray the product on and wipe off. Apply it to any affected area.


To make sure that a thorough treatment is provided, most people seek professional extermination. It often becomes difficult to find and eliminate these creatures as they can hide in plumbing, piping, and other hard-to-reach spots.

We suggest using these products for do-it-yourself pest roach control:

  • It is the same product as most pest control companies use.
    Recommendations: the product is perfect for those who want to do their own pest control.
  • This long-lasting residual lasts up to three months after application.
  • Roaches continue to contact insecticide long after the product has been applied.
Wear a mask over your mouth and nose when spraying insecticide. Avoid breathing the vapors.
Don’t apply borate powder within reach of kids and pets and don’t allow kids to handle it.
  • Demon Max insecticideDemon Max Insecticide.
    This product provides perfect and long-lasting protection against cockroaches. You can use it in and around buildings including spot treatments.

Are you in search of safe extermination methods? Click here to read what products are the best for roach removal.

Now you know – there are no real albino roaches, but there is a stage that most of us don’t get to see. The reason we don’t see albino roaches very often is simple. They are pretty vulnerable at that time. But if you will find the one, don’t put it in a jar to show others. Instead of this, think about how to apply efficient treatment for their elimination.