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Best Squirrel Trap

Do you have a squirrel problem? If so, you’re not alone! Squirrels are one of the most common wildlife pests in North America. Fortunately, there are effective ways to get rid of them. One popular option is to use a squirrel trap. But which is the best squirrel trap for you? In this blog post, we’ll discuss our top 3 trap options and how to use them effectively. We’ll also provide tips on how to avoid hurting the animals and how to release them if you do catch them. So read on to learn more!

Top 3 Best Squirrel Traps in 2024 Comparison Chart

Our Top Pick
Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Trap review
Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Trap
  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 23.25″ x 23.25″ x 4″

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Best Budget
RatzFatz Catch and Release Humane Cage Trap review
RatzFatz Catch and Release Humane Cage Trap
  • Material: Galvanized Iron
  • Dimensions: 12.6″ x 5.1″ x 5.1″

Check Price
Ouell 3-10 High Performance Snap Trap review
Ouell 3-10 High Performance Snap Trap
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 11″ x 6″ x 6″

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What’s the best way to eliminate pesky squirrels that keep coming into your house? You might assume you need a shotgun, but there are plenty of other options. You know that pesky squirrels are a problem, but you don’t want to hurt them.

Squirrels can be a real nuisance, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Instead, they’ll keep coming back unless you take steps to get rid of them for good.

If you’ve got a squirrel problem, don’t panic.

There are plenty of ways to do this without harming the animal, including trapping it in one of these three best squirrel traps. These humane traps will help you catch the critters so they can be released elsewhere or relocated from your property altogether.

Top 3 Best Squirrel Traps Reviewed

After much research, some products stand out more than others. And the winner is Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Trap.

1. Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Trap – Best Multi-Catch Ground Squirrels Live Trap (Editor’s Choice)

Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Trap is a humane way to get rid of pesky squirrels. The trap catches up to 25 squirrels in just hours and has dimensions of 23.25″ x 23.25″ x 4″. It’s made from metal material which makes it durable and long-lasting.

The Rugged Ranch will help you catch the critters so they can be released elsewhere or relocated from your property altogether. This is a perfect option for homeowners who want to avoid harming the animal, but still want to take steps to get rid of them once and for all. Squirrelinator Trap saves time, space, money, and eliminates stress when dealing with removing these pesky pests from your home.

  • Durable metal material.
  • Catching up to 25 squirrels in just hours.

  • Get rid of pesky squirrels without harming them.
  • Save time, space, money and eliminate stress when dealing with these pests.

2. RatzFatz Catch and Release Humane Trap – Best Squirrel Cage Trap in the Market (People’s Choice)

When it comes to squirrels, people usually have one of two reactions. They either love them or they hate them. But whatever their feelings are for these creatures, there is no denying that they can make a mess in your home if you let them stay long enough. And while some might consider trapping and killing the little guys as an option, others would rather find a more humane way to get rid of their pest problem. That’s where this RatzFatz Humane Cage Trap comes in handy!

This trap works just like any other live animal trap – with bait on one side and a door on the other that shuts when triggered by the critter inside. The difference between this device and others is that once caught, the animal isn’t immediately killed. Instead, it is let go in a nearby area and given a chance to thrive in the wild again without any harm done.

  • Humane way to get rid of squirrels.

  • Easy to use – just bait, set, and release!

  • Save money on pest control services.

3. Ouell 3-10 High Performance Snap Trap – Best Squirrel Trap for Attic

Squirrels are pests that will make your life difficult if you don’t take precautions. They’ll chew through wires, dig up your garden and invade your home. The Ouell Snap Trap is designed to handle these pesky creatures with ease. Made of durable plastic, this trap can be used indoors or outdoors without fear of rusting or corrosion. It’s easy to set up and is safe for use around children, pets, and wildlife. And it’s no wonder why so many people choose the Ouell Snap Trap over others on the market – it works!

  • Easy to set up, use and maintain.

  • Durable plastic material for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Protect your home from squirrel invaders.

What is the Best Squirrel Trap in 2024? – Your Expert Buyer’s Guide

Get ready for the fact you’ll see numerous types of traps on the market. However, you are to choose one or two of them. How to make the right choice, and is it possible? Yes! We’ll tell you in detail about the types of traps, their use, prices, and places where you can buy them. Let’s make the process of infestation elimination much easier. Ready?

How to Catch a Squirrel Yourself? The Must-Haves

Catching squirrels can be easy, though these are pretty quick and clever animals. Keep in mind that when you are about to use cages, it doesn’t matter much whether the pests are in the wild or right in your house, because the technique is the same.

Mind local laws and regulations for animal trapping and relocating.

Squirrel catcherStart with sealing off all openings, including the chimney and fireplace, using a cardboard that should be placed with a masking tape. If there are pests trapped inside the chimney, take a thick rope and send it down from the roof, allowing the animals to get out.

How to act when squirrels are in house? Make a few changes to limit their attraction to your property.

The process may include:

  • Trimming all bushes and overhanging tree branches,

  • Refusing from feeding pets outside,

  • Mounting bird feeders at least 15 feet away from your house and 5 feet high from the ground.

Never refuse from consulting a specialized squirrel catcher if you hear scurrying sounds and scratching that comes from inside the walls or attic. At times calling a professional may be the only right thing to do.

Rules of Trapping Squirrels

Humane squirrel trapWhat are those things you should do or known for trapping red squirrels, grey, flying or ground species?

  1. Don’t use squirrel traps you can find at any local stores, sporting goods, or hardware shops.
  2. Choose baits like sunflower seeds, apples, nuts, seeds, grains, jelly or peanut butter, cereal, but never poison, as it is not effective and may be dangerous not for pests but your family and pets.
  3. Make some research to find out whether there’s the need for a license or permit to trap squirrels in your area.
These are wild animals that can attack when feeling threatened.
So, wear protective clothing while setting traps or trying to remove pests from your home.

Make sure you check the set trap every hour, otherwise, a squirrel will die. Keep in mind that most trapping methods are quite easy to follow. Still, you are to be patient and wait for some time if you want to succeed.

Types of Squirrel Traps

Squirrel traps for sale are different. These can be live traps, one-way exclusion doors, simple cages, and those that kill. So, which one do you need?

Live Squirrel Traps

Live squirrel trapThey are the most popular due to the fact they are considered to be humane squirrel traps. They differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they all usually work by placing food on a special weight-sensitive plate that is connected to the door. As soon as the pest enters it and steps on this sensitive plate, the door closes behind it.

Everything seems pretty easy in this process of how to keep squirrels away. However, catching is not everything. After this, you will have to take the captured animal away to any wooded area that is at least 5 miles away from your home. Why should you go so far? The problem is that according to the latest researches, nearly 80% of all released creatures can find their way back to your home. This is why the animal should be released FAR AWAY.

Even from 5 miles away a certain percentage can return.

One-Way Exclusion Door

One way exclusion door trapOne-way squirrel traps are regarded to be the best options for those who want to know how to remove numerous squirrels from attic. The constructions remind those of repeater traps, however, there is a single opening on the end. They are humane and allow squirrels to leave the place, but leave no chance for them to get back ever again. Thus, these nasty animals get blocked outside and never get back to the attic.

The only possible problem is the structure of the building. If it is wooden, any squirrel will chew its way back into the property, damaging it. If this is your case, you’d better consider trapping and relocating these creatures. If you don’t know which way to go, you should call a professional in your area to ask for advice.

Cage Traps

Cage trapThis is the most popular option used not only by homeowners, but also by the majority of wildlife control companies. Squirrel cage traps are available in different models. These are mostly metal cages that lure pests with food; near the back, there’s a pan. After the pest steps on it, it triggers and the doors shut. The animal is alive inside the cage.

Sometimes the traps are made of other materials like solid-walled plastic and steel bars. Keep in mind that the cage should be large enough to hold the animals. The usual size is about 5 inches high and wide and 16 inches long.

If there isn’t much space, the pan will be triggered, but the doors won’t shut.
If there’s much space, the pest will smash itself against the walls, trying to escape.

Traps That Kill

Squirrel traps that kill can be different.

In most cases they have:

  • Gas stick,
  • Poison,

  • Electrocution pad,
  • Anti-coagulant bait (diphacinone or chlorophacinone).

Ground squirrel trap that killTo use any of the above-mentioned options you should get a license or permit to kill squirrels in your area.

Speaking of the most popular killing method, we should mention poison, especially diphacinone and chlorophacinone. Electrocution pads and gas sticks are also efficient, but they are rarely used. If you want to choose any of these variants, you can find them at any of the hardware stores.

What Are Ground Squirrel Traps?

Today’s market suggests buying one of the following types of ground squirrel traps:

  • Spring-loaded jaw traps,

  • Pocket gopher traps,

  • Live-catch wooden or wire traps.

Spring-loaded ones remind larger bear cages. This is a kill-trap option that doesn’t need any bait. This variant can’t be called the most popular as it is used when placed over burrow openings. Keep in mind that today there are various modifications to this model.

If you use box modification, bait the trap.

Pocket gopher solutions are also killing traps, so they won’t suit those, who want only to relocate animals. The option is very effective for those pests that are damaging the crops. It is put near the burrow opening or on the trail where the crop is being ravaged. Use the bait (melon or orange slices and nuts).

And finally, live-catch ones. They are either wooden or wire and are made to catch and remove squirrels in a humane way. These solutions can also be used for raccoons if there are any on your property. In this case, you are going to need bait as well.

What Are Flying Squirrel Traps?

Trap for flying squirrelsCheck your local stores for a trap made of a firm mesh, but with small holes. Why? The matter is that flying species are able to squeeze even through pretty small holes.

These are live traps that are available in different types. They are used with bait such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts. After trapping an animal, relocate it miles away from your home to discourage them to return ever again.

Havahart: The Best Squirrel Cage Traps

One door animal trapIt would be wrong to state that there is only one best variant available. There are various solutions for different purposes and different infestation problems. What do we suggest?

While deciding on the best trap, consider that there are many options available on the market. However, most specialists agree that Havahart models are the most effective ones. Besides they are called to be humane solutions. To their main advantages belongs to the fact that they are strong and well-crafted, and aren’t able to harm the animal. Another plus is their low maintenance and low prices. So, what to choose from?

One-Door Options:

  • X-Large 1-Door – $97 .99,
  • Large 1-Door Easy Set – $69.99,

  • Large 1-Door 2-Pack – $92.99,
  • Medium 1-Door Easy Set – $46.99.

Two-Door Options:

  • Large 2-Door Easy Set – $74.99,
  • X-Large 2-Door – $74.99,
  • Small 2-Door Easy Set – $36.99,

  • X-Small 2-Door – $17.99,
  • Medium 2-Door – $42.99.

Collapsible Options:

  • Large 1-Door Collapsible Easy Set – $67.99,
  • Medium 1-Door Collapsible 3-Pack – $119.99,

  • Large 1-Door Collapsible – $54.99,
  • Medium 1-Door Collapsible Easy Set – $48.99,

  • Large 1-Door Collapsible 3-Pack – $134.99,
  • Medium 1-Door Collapsible – $44.99.

Where to buy: available at Havahart Store on Amazon

  • Havahart X-Small Professional Style One-Door Animal Trap
    This is a well-constructed cage, made of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh. It is galvanized for resistance to corrosion and rust and it also has steel reinforcements for comparatively long life.
    The trap features a sensitive trigger and gravity action door that ensure secure captures, targeting a specific pest size. In this case, mesh opening is smaller than in most other available options, which prevent stolen bait and possible escapes.
    During transportation, there is no need to get worried about the safety of animals, as the cage has to handle guard protection and a solid door. The trigger rod is placed outside the trap, thus the pest won’t damage it. According to the professionals, this option is perfect for catching squirrels, rats, voles, etc.
    Average price: $24.97
  • Havahart Cage Trap – Model 0745
    An ideal variant for trapping red and flying squirrels. The trap is made of sturdy galvanized wire mesh, which ensures maximum resistance to rust/corrosion. The construction also features internal edges for preventing injuries to animals and protecting them. Each cage is fully assembled and can be used right after the purchase.
    Average price: $34.39

  • Woodstream 0745 1-Door Trap $39. At Walmart
    This is a High tensile wire mesh trap with a steel reinforced gravity action door. It has a sensitive trigger and ensures a very quick catch. The trap is used for red and flying squirrels. Trying to escape from the cage, an animal can seriously injure itself.
    Average price: $39.99
  • Pet Trex Live Animal Trap
    Another heavy-duty unit made for trapping squirrels, raccoons, skunks, muskrats, and rabbits. The benefit of this construction is the fact that a manufacturer gives a 1-year limited warranty against possible defects.
    Average price: $41.39
  • Miller Mfg Single Door Live Trap
    This is a good example of a heavy-duty galvanized wire mesh that features steel reinforcement. The mesh is of a special kind – just for squirrels. Other advantages are an automatic lock, a spring-loaded door, and a protected handle.
    Average price: $41.99

Choosing a Squirrel Bait Trap

Let’s see what today’s market is ready to offer. We suggest choosing one of these options:

  • Squirrel Butter 6oz.
    This is the best bait for squirrels, ground squirrels, and other rodents. This butter lasts for a long time and you should use only a small amount of it.
    The usual cost is $6.25 per 6oz.
  • Squirrel Jelly.
    This is a working solution to attract red and flying squirrels. It is also effective with gray squirrels.
    The cost is $6.25.

  • Squirrel Trail Mix.
    It is commonly used to create a trailing scent to the trap. It can be used without additional bait, or along with Squirrel Butter or Squirrel Jelly.
    It costs $6.50.
  • Wilco 31004 Ground Squirrel Bait.
    It is palatable to squirrels that come in pellets. It is used to eliminate ground squirrels.
    It costs $50.01.

What is the best squirrel bait? You can also give preference to organic options like shelled corn, nuts, grains, sunflower seeds, cereal, apples, oatmeal, or peanut butter popcorn. Never use meat bait, as it attracts raccoons, dogs, and cats.

Questions & Answers

Will rat traps work on squirrels?

Yes, they will work on squirrels. No mammal is immune to the lure of a tasty peanut butter bait.

But rat traps are inhumane and should never be used to catch a squirrel. They only work on rats, not cute little squirrels!

Why is it illegal to release a trapped squirrel?

It is illegal to release a trapped squirrel because the animal may not survive

This depends on where you live. There are 3 types of laws as follows:

  • Allowed as long as the animal isn't injured and it doesn't leave your property.
  • You can release them on public or private property, but not on somebody's personal one without their consent.
  • It's prohibited and punishable by law to relocate an animal that has been trapped!

Please note: This is NOT legal advice, the only information I gathered through my research and facts taken from websites such as!

Can I use poison baits?

Pest control poison bait is becoming less effective than it was before. There are now populations of rodents that have become resistant to the poison, and there is also the danger that young children or non-target animals could be exposed to them - either by eating the bait or having it eaten by an animal who then shares it with them.

Now, what would happen if people (or pets) got hold of these poisons? They might eat them, leading to unpleasant symptoms like vomiting, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea. These symptoms may become worse over time - they may lead to breathing problems and even death in severe cases!

For all these reasons, recent legislation has banned this type of rodenticide (poison baits) altogether. If you still want to use these poisons, you'll have to go through a lot of red-tape and jump through various hoops, such as:

  • Disposing of the rodenticide in a manner that makes it inaccessible to children and pets. You may be required to place it inside a locked box, for example.
  • Having your property regularly inspected by professionals from your local authority - this is so they can ensure you're complying with legislation. And if you don't comply with the legislation, then maybe the authorities will hit you with some kind of fine or penalty! This is true across most states & provinces!


If you’re having a squirrel problem, it’s important to take steps quickly. These traps are humane ways of getting rid of these pesky rodents without harming them or making their home your playground.

You can choose from trapping the critters in one trap and releasing them elsewhere, doing so with only bait on one side, or catching up to 25 at once with Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Trap that is safe for children and pets around.

No matter which method you go with, any of these 3 best squirrel traps will help you get rid of this pest problem once and for all!

  • Save time by trapping the critters in one trap and releasing them elsewhere.

  • Humane way to get rid of squirrels is just to set up this device with bait on one side.

  • Protect your home from squirrel invaders with 3 different ways to catch these pesky creatures.

Follow our basic tips and consider the pros of the suggested squirrel traps and baits. Choose the variant that suits you the best. And don’t waste your time! Eliminate nasty creatures right away!