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Squirrel Poison

squirrel poison
  • Works extremely fast
  • Individually wrapped bars
  • Proven to work

They say it is not that hard to buy poison and get rid of squirrel infestation. We say it is hard because of three reasons:

  • You aren’t a professional.

  • There’s no legally registered poison.

  • There’s no 100% effective chemical.

So, is there anything you could do? For so you know, options may be quite different. It would be wrong to state that they all will manage the situation, but you could try to use some of them. We suggest following our simple tips and choosing the one that shows the best results. Are you ready to kill nasty squirrels?

What’s the Most Effective Squirrel Poison?

The use of poison is the most common method, but it has both advantages and drawbacks. To begin with, leaving some powder or poisoned food in one place is a pretty nice idea, but these creatures move around, from one place to another, very often. So, in most cases the use of different chemical substances is useless.

Poisoning is a very cruel method of elimination, as animals suffer a painful death. You can check out some squirrel repellent methods is you are looking for other ideas.

Even if a squirrel finds poison, it eats it rarely. This especially refers to rat poison. After everything you have read, it probably seems impossible to kill them.

Still there are a few options:

  • Rat Poison. Even if it kills them, they will remain in your house and will start smelling.
    Rat poison
  • Anticoagulants. For many users, this is a beneficial option that is not associated with bad odors and damage. The effects are gradual and they develop over 2-3 days, which means that the creatures have enough time to leave the territory and die somewhere else. Finally, rodents collapse in severe anemia or hypovolemic circulatory shock and then die.

  • Strychnine. This is a very dangerous substance that is used for killing pests. It is rapidly absorbed from the stomach and results in clinical signs within two hours after the intake. You can use several tablespoons for bait. The first clinical signs include drooling, anxiety, tremors, severe seizures, nervousness, and acute death.
    This is how to get rid of squirrels in the attic.
  • Just One Bite. This is a well-known brand that offers a rather powerful bait that is specially designed for mice elimination, BUT it also works for squirrels. The product is called to be irresistible to pests. Unlike other expensive options, it works within hours, not weeks. After an animal eats the bait, it dies soon.
    Find the best squirrel bait here.

Speaking of other squirrel poison, these may be Chloralose, Arsenic, White Phosphorus, Bromethalin, Barium, Crimidine, Thallium, Scilliroside, Fluoroacetamide, or Strychnine.

Ask professionals for types of products available on the market.

If there are squirrels in house, you can use anti-coagulation poisons. These substances are most frequently used. They will kill all the pests within one week or less.

The only recommendation is not to place anti-coagulation poisons in places that can be easily reached by children or your domestic animals, as they are too dangerous.

Pros and Cons of Squirrel Poison Bait

Angry SquirrelAs for today, there are several types of baits that are commonly used for trapping squirrels both outside and inside your home. Traps are not effective unless that bait is in them. Don’t expect these nasty creatures to get into a trap, if there is nothing tasty in it. Generally speaking, there is a whole bunch of different stuff that can be put in it, but is all of it equally effective?

The trap is to be laid under bark or in a tunnel. While choosing proper bait, look for those things that will attract ONLY squirrels, not tens of other pests.

To the list of the most recommended variants belong:

  • Nuts,
  • Sweetened nut products,
  • Peanut butter,
  • Small pieces of a Snickers candy bar.
If you choose squirrel poison baits, keep in mind that they can make pests feel sick, but won’t really kill them.
At the same time, baits are very poisonous to home pets and humans.

What do you know about poisonous baits? They are intended to kill squirrels during garden plant and flower large scale growing operations or on commercial farms. What’s it? This is a combination of diphacinone and chlorophacinone. Preparation of this kind of trap includes spreading out rolled oats, thus allowing pests to acclimate to the product. In a few days, you should mix grains with the squirrel poison and place them in those areas, where safe grains have already been eaten. We suggest applying 1-2 tablespoons for each of the locations. If not less than 90% of bait is consumed, then you can expect fast results.

If you are trying to find out how to get rid of ground squirrels, you should keep in mind that they are very resistant to common poisons that are used in baits, and this is why this method is never satisfied with them.

Over-the-counter poisons are dangerous to pets and humans.

Today there are hundreds of different regulations that are covering the aspect of rules and control applications in the USA. The control is used by local commissions and other services. So, before you choose any bait or even think to use it, make sure you know all local regulations. Breaking the law you can get lots of problems.

Hot to Kill Squirrels without Poisoning Them?

Most people say that killing squirrels without using poisonous substances is next to impossible. We disagree with that. It is possible! And you won’t have to use your gun!

  1. Sugar. Why sugar? It has the same effects on pests as on humans. As a rule, squirrels do not consume much of it and its amounts in nuts and natural fruits are low. But an increase in the natural blood sugar may cause a number of problems, for example, excessive weight. Fat pests can’t run from predators, they have clogged arteries and their blood flow is restricted. So, leave more fruits and sugary nuts around. It’s easy and it works.
  2. Salt. Why salt? Gray squirrels don’t consume much salt. They usually get it from nuts. Much salt affects the heart, raises blood pressure, and increases pulse. Make sure these pests get more salt than usually.
Excessive amounts come from potato chips, salted peanuts, etc.

Aren’t these the best ways to kill squirrels? However, there’s one drawback: poisoned pests rarely die outside. If they live outside, they’ll die outside. But if they are in your house…

Frankly speaking, the place they die in depends on the poison they have eaten, as well as the amount of time they had before the bait started affecting their bodies. In case you have provided poison inside the attic and under the roof, pests will have time to run outside, searching for relief. But if the chemical solution is too powerful, they won’t have any time. The fact these creatures die inside the house makes it difficult for you to remove them before their decomposition. The same refers to the case when they are stuck between walls.

You can find lots of cons and pros of using poisonous compounds. At times they are really effective but sometimes lead to serious consequences. This is why you’d better follow this simple rule: if you are coping with the infestation outside, you may use poison; if this is the inside problem, you’d better refuse from it.